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The City of Reedsburg in Wisconsin Partners with Cloudpermit

November 8, 2022

The City of Reedsburg in Wisconsin has selected Cloudpermit to bring its building permitting, planning & zoning, and code enforcement online. The 10,181 residents that live in this family-oriented and rural community in Sauk County can soon enjoy online community development.

Citizens will be able to apply for building permits, receive public notices, and submit complaints from their mobile phone, tablet, and computer. They can register through a link or QR code to receive updates on planning application decisions.

Cloudpermit allows planning departments to measure public opinion, generate an automated list of property owners within the required public notice radius, and send decision updates online. All users can stay informed and involved online.

We look forward to working with more local governments across the lovely state of Wisconsin and bringing online community development to more Americans.