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The Regional Municipality of Grand Falls Adopts Online By-Law Enforcement with Cloudpermit

The Regional Municipality of Grand Falls in New Brunswick has adopted online by-law enforcement with Cloudpermit. Now, the community known for its picturesque views and beautiful gorge can enjoy simplified by-law enforcement.

Cloudpermit makes by-law enforcement seamless online. Field workers can conveniently access complaints and cases on-site. This means they can work remotely with round-the-clock information available at their fingertips.

A streamlined, online approach to land management allows for efficient inspection routes, quicker reviews of violations, and stronger collaboration with other departments. It also allows government staff to upload photos to case files and pull the information they need about properties while in the field.

We are excited about our work with Grand Falls and are enthusiastic about streamlining by-law enforcement with other municipalities in New Brunswick.