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The Town of Groton Joins Cloudpermit Community

The Town of Groton in New York has joined the Cloudpermit community. Groton has partnered with Cloudpermit by adopting its online building permitting software. Now, the town that was established in 1817 can enjoy a modernized development approval process.

With Cloudpermit, governments can leverage software that has been configured to meet specific requirements. Governments benefit from the guidance of seasoned Cloudpermit experts during the implementation process.

There are structured meetings, opportunities to ask questions, and staff receive access to a unique training environment to learn new features. After the software has been implemented and launched, staff can receive technical support by submitting tickets for further assistance and accessing self-serve support resources like articles and how-to videos.

We are enthusiastic about our partnership with the Town of Groton and are looking forward to future partnerships with other governments in New York.