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“We always communicate to our citizens that we understand the importance of their building permit, and by making our building permit process easy with Cloudpermit, we can show them how important their building permit is to us."
— Kieran McMullen
Building Inspector/Code Enforcement for the City of Darien, Georgia
“I’d advocate for any small village like ours that does not have the resources that big cities do to consider Cloudpermit because you can immediately use the software and quickly see the benefits of it.”
— Mayor David Smith
Mayor for the Village of North Randall, Ohio
“Since everything is digital with Cloudpermit, residents can request inspections and we can use time-stamped messages to communicate with them online for easier coordination. As cloud-based software, inspectors have access to all inspection data in the field which is a game-changer for how we conduct inspections.”
— Drew Bliss
Senior Building Inspector for Boone County, Illinois

increase in number of
issued permits
Boone County, Illinois

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increase in permit value
for Boone County, Illinois

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increase in number of new
for Middlesex
County, Ontario

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increase in annual permit
for Middlesex
County, Ontario

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Why Cloudpermit?

“Training has been amazing. Our Customer Success Manager gives me the support I need, takes the time to answer my questions, and has been a great part of selecting Cloudpermit. Every part of my Cloudpermit journey has been easy and everything that I was promised in the sales process has been delivered.”
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- Julie Wicker, Clerk for the Town of Wilson, Wisconsin

“Our building department tried another permitting software before Cloudpermit but stopped using it because it was expensive and difficult to use. Many of the software options we looked into next were expensive and offered features we don’t need, so we would have been charged for features we wouldn’t even use. Cloudpermit cuts the fluff and focuses on what building departments need while being cost-effective and user-friendly.”
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- Thomas Hager, Building Official for the Town of Pulaski, Virginia

"When we started evaluating the current market for online permitting software, we could have gone with one of the big players that other local governments in California use but we wanted a cloud-based solution that offered us a lot of flexibility, so we chose the hidden gem – Cloudpermit. Since Cloudpermit is a cloud-based solution, internally we will have an improved level of operational capability and the public will be able to easily apply for and track their permits online.”
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- Glin Lamerson, IT Manager for the City of Atwater, California

We know what local governments need. And we deliver it.

With Cloudpermit, you can offer citizens self-service. You can also speed up your timelines, receive complete applications, renew business licenses, find and filter all your information, schedule and conduct mobile inspections in the field, and keep all communication with your citizens and development community in one place – without any support from your IT department.

Paper or on-premises systems just don’t cut it.

Without online software, your citizens can’t serve themselves. It’s difficult to keep up with building booms or large development projects and find information, stay on top of timelines since applicants rarely submit complete applications and inspectors can’t finish their inspections in the field, and requires too much strain on your IT department.

Other software just doesn’t measure up.

Cloudpermit is unique because we developed our solutions with local governments. We deliver what you need at a cost you can afford, do not charge for features you’ll never use, know our software works well with your building code, and are dedicated to continuous improvement.

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We are committed to your success.

We treat our customers as individuals and make sure our software is configured to meet your specific needs.

You’re matched with your own Customer Success Manager so you and your team can learn how to use Cloudpermit quickly and effectively. Plus, you can access your own unique training environment for as long as you want, which comes in handy when you hire new staff.

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Learn how many hours and resources you can save with Cloudpermit.