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How We Work

We want you to deliver excellent service, so we make sure we do too.

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Securely and safely store your land management data online – we have strict measures in place to keep your data secure.

Data security

Data Security

Store Data Within American Borders

  • Eliminate threats from physical vulnerabilities such as hardware failures, theft, forgeries, lost files, and natural disasters
  • Data is safely secured in the Google Cloud Platform, located within American borders, and managed by Cloudpermit
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Cloudpermit online portal login

Protect Your Password

  • Cloudpermit accounts are protected with an encrypted password
  • An algorithm is used to check the strength of each new password
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Accounts are password protected in Cloudpermit

Manage Access with Role-Based Permissions

  • Determine role-based permissions
  • Set access restrictions for staff and other stakeholders
  • Grant public users (like contractors and designers) separate access to each permit with a safe invitation-and-acceptance procedure
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Manage access with user management in Cloudpermit

Keep Data Secure

  • Access information without worrying about losing any data if their computer crashes or they lose service
  • Save data automatically in the cloud
  • Access data on any mobile device that connects to the Internet
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No need to worry about losing data that's stored in the cloud

Stay Protected Against All Known Threats

  • We keep data protected against all known threats with the help of the security solutions in the Google Cloud Platform
  • Users do not need to monitor, update, or back up anything because Cloudpermit’s security management is centralized, and redundant data centers are used
  • Cloudpermit automatically converts uploaded files into PDFs
  • Users do not access the original uploads to avoid accessing any harmful or malicious material
  • Regular penetration and security testing is done by an independent third to ensure we are always aware of our security
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Stay protected against all known threats in Cloudpermit

See for yourself how easy Cloudpermit is to use

Implement our software with our industry-leading implementation process and expedited timeline for quick use.



Implement the Software Quickly

  • Implement within weeks, not months
  • Benefit from online process quickly
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Implement Cloudpermit software quickly

Receive Hands-On Training

  • Match with a Customer Success Manager
  • Participate in structured meetings with a Customer Success Manager to learn more details, determine goals and any needed configuration, training, quality assurance, etc.
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Team receiving hands-on training for Cloudpermit software

Access Your Training Environment 24/7

  • Train new staff with a unique, online training environment
  • Play around with new features in a stress-free environment
  • Allow new inspectors or builders to learn the software on their own
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Request inspections quick and easy with Cloudpermit

Learn From Support Resources

  • Reference and learn new product features
  • Receive support through support resources 24/7
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Cloudpermit software online knowledge base

Access support articles, videos, and other ‘self-serve’ resources online.

Technical support

Technical Support

Access an Online Support Portal

  • Ask Cloudpermit’s team questions
  • Submit tickets for further assistance
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Online Cloudpermit support portal

Learn on Your Own

  • Check out articles, videos, and screenshots to learn how to use Cloudpermit
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Register Cloudpermit account

Check Out Release Notes

  • Stay up to date on our latest software updates in our release notes that come out every three weeks
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Change and modify circulation request with Cloudpermit software

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