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“Our community has been wanting to apply for permits online instead of traveling to the county office, and with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, now was an ideal time to digitalize. We’re looking forward to moving all processes online with Cloudpermit to encourage safer practices by reducing in-person contact and paper exchanges at the county office.”

Drew Bliss
Senior Building Inspector for Boone County, Illinois

“Since our community of 13,000 full-time residents will be able to apply for a permit, track permit status, and receive real-time information online with Cloudpermit, our in-person traffic at the office will likely decrease as people have fewer requirements to come in. This will make it easier to handle race-specific permits with our vendors and maintain a high-standard of customer service for our community during a season of increased permit demand.”

Jacob Blasdel
Clerk-Treasurer for the Town of Speedway, Indiana

“We’re excited that Cloudpermit enables local governments to work together by sharing talents, processes, and advice, and its online portal also helps more easily involve energy code compliance consultants in the permitting process.”

Nathan Brooks
Building Official for the City of Terrace, British Columbia

“In July 2020, we established our three-year strategic plan and by adopting Cloudpermit, we’re able to satisfy eight of our 13 action items, so we’re very excited.”

Jennifer Ferguson
Executive Director for the Red River Planning District, Manitoba

“E-permitting has put all of our documents in one place. The tracking is phenomenal. There are no more lost documents and all the files are current.”

Debbie Anderson
Chief Building Official for the Municipality of Grey Highlands, Ontario

“I am amazed by how easy the system is to use and how fast we were able to get up and running. The Cloudpermit team was very responsive and helpful. I would enthusiastically recommend them to any municipality.”

Travis Toms
Chief Building Official for the Township of North Kawartha, Ontario

“We are very pleased with the time we have already saved since implementing Cloudpermit. It has really been an invaluable software that has helped us to eliminate our manual processes for applicants, builders and municipal staff.”

Arnie Marsman
Chief Building Official for the Municipality of Middlesex Centre, Ontario
Case Studies

Conduct mobile inspections – all inspection data is part of the permit file

  • Inspectors can conduct on-site mobile inspections on any device (phone, tablet, etc.)
  • Inspectors can submit inspection data at their convenience (no more traveling to the municipal office)
  • Inspection results are automatically sent to builders and applicants as soon as inspections are complete
  • All inspection data is part of the permit file in one digital space
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Issue building permits 50% faster than paper-based systems

  • Local government building departments always receive complete permit applications as applicants must enter all fields before they can apply
  • Improve file management and efficiency by having all permit data and communication in one digital space
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Enable the public to apply for building permits online

  • Work remotely and follow physical distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Decrease front counter visits by 80%
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Implementation takes weeks, not months

  • Streamline building permit processes quickly with a fast and easy implementation
  • Cloudpermit offers hands-on training and support to local government building departments
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