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The Rural Municipality of Headingley Teams Up with Cloudpermit for Simpler Building Permits

The Rural Municipality of Headingley in Manitoba has teamed up with software provider, Cloudpermit, for online building permitting. Now, the community west of Winnipeg can benefit from modernized building permits for an easier development approval process.

Cloudpermit allows building inspectors to conduct on-site mobile inspections with their phone, tablet, or laptop, while also handling simple re-inspections remotely. They can input notes, complete reports, manage deficiencies, and view past or upcoming inspections while in the field.

Government staff can update and send automatic building inspection status updates to applicants and builders. This allows all stakeholders involved to stay informed without needing to call or email the government office.

We are excited to work with the Rural Municipality of Headingley and are eager to partner with other governments in Manitoba.