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Enjoy online building permitting and inspection processes.

  • Accept, review, and issue building permits
  • Receive complete building permit applications
  • Conduct on-site mobile building inspections
  • Use maps integrated with your GIS
  • Change and modify workflows
  • Gain insight with reports
  • Accept payment
  • Keep all communication in one place
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Accessible 24/7 on any mobile device

Accept, issue, and track your building permits, update citizens on status updates, and more.

Building Permits

Building Permits

Use Anytime, Anywhere

  • Access Cloudpermit on any mobile device, browser, or operating system
  • Use 24/7 on any browser or operating system
  • Work remotely without travel
  • Store data online instead of filing cabinets or personal computers
  • Automatically save information in real-time
  • Determine data access
  • Cut down on printing, paper, and travel costs
  • Organize information with automatic archives
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Use Cloudpermit anytime, anywhere

Submit and Accept Complete Building Permit Applications

  • Force citizens to complete applications before they can click ‘submit’ with mandatory input fields
  • Receive complete building permit applications every time
  • Determine and state exact application requirements
  • Manage all required information, drawings, insurance documents, and other attachments in one workspace
  • Allow users to access their applications an unlimited number of times
  • Save information automatically in real-time
  • Collect secure applications
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Simplify Your Building Permit Issuance

  • Issue building permits with a click as soon as payment is processed
  • Send automatic building permit status updates
  • Archive and organize applications
  • Filter by the property, property owner, property identification number, parcel identifying number, etc.
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Simplify your building permit issuance in Cloudpermit

Building Inspections Made Easy

  • Conduct on-site mobile building inspections
  • Use interactive maps to find inspection locations
  • Determine and schedule inspections
  • Send automatic inspection status updates
  • Keep all inspection data in one place
  • Manage simple inspections and re-inspections remotely
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Schedule building inspections online in Cloudpermit

Track, Monitor, and Receive Building Permit and Inspection Status Updates

  • Stay up to date on permits and inspections
  • Send and receive automatic building permit and inspection status updates
  • Send and receive automatic notifications when an action or information is required, or new comments are added to a discussion
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Track, monitor, and receive building permit and inspection status updates in Cloudpermit

Use Interactive Maps

  • Find building permit location with property borders
  • Find neighboring property borders, owners, and contact information
  • Receive detailed and accurate property information without filling in data
  • Use address and property identification number searches to find the correct location
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cloudpermit buliding permit maps

Communicate in One Place

  • Send direct or group messages
  • Follow threads with time-stamped messages
  • Collaborate and invite others to join conversations
  • Reduce front counter visits, phone calls, and emails
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Send direct or group messages in Cloudpermit

Accept Payment

  • Accept online and over-the-counter payments
  • Send notifications for due payments
  • Determine a detailed list of permit fees
  • Integrate with third-party PCI Compliant payment gateways
  • Issue permits as soon as payments are processed
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Accept online payment in Cloudpermit

Conduct on-site mobile inspections, find property borders, schedule inspections, and more.



Conduct On-Site Mobile Inspections

  • Use any mobile device to do a building inspection (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.)
  • Upload photos
  • Input notes and complete reports
  • Keep track of all data, contact information, drawings, reports, etc.
  • Manage deficiencies, orders, and past/upcoming inspections
  • Update inspection status
  • Create reports and certificates with templates
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cloudpermit inspections onsite

Use Interactive Maps

  • Find inspection locations with property borders
  • Coordinate and schedule inspections based on zones
  • Find optimal directions with Google Maps
  • Manage inspectors’ working areas
  • Receive location-based assignment suggestions
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Use interactive maps in Cloudpermit

Determine and Schedule Inspections

  • Monitor and update inspection status
  • Set and read inspection descriptions
  • Schedule and require additional inspections
  • Determine what kind of inspections are required
  • Receive inspection results when an inspection is complete
  • Dispatch and manage multiple inspectors/inspections
  • Assign inspections to inspectors
  • Book inspections on behalf of applicants
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Schedule building inspections online in Cloudpermit

Send Automatic Inspection Status Updates

  • Update involved parties with new status updates and when an order is issued
  • Send occupancy certificates automatically when an occupancy inspection passes
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Send automatic inspection status updates in Cloudpermit

Keep All Inspection Data in One Place

  • Keep track of multiple inspections and visits
  • See the status of all inspections in a multi-permit site
  • Archive inspection information, including photos
  • View all outstanding deficiencies
  • Keep all inspectors visiting the same site informed
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Keep all inspection data in one place in Cloudpermit

Manage Simple Inspections and Re-Inspections Remotely

  • Request photos or arrange video meetings as proof of on-site conditions
  • Document inspections in the field
  • Notify relevant parties about building permit and inspection status updates
  • Work remotely without travel
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Manage simple re-inspections remotely in Cloudpermit

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Select building permit locations, view detailed property information, plan routes, and more with our integration into your GIS.



Select Building Permit Location

  • Search locations by address, property identification numbers, or by selecting it on a map
  • View address, property borders, and other property details
  • Manage applications across several properties
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Search locations by address in Cloudpermit

Display Property Information and Various Layers

  • View property information such as property owners and zoning information
  • Access different layers such as flooding maps, heritage areas, construction areas, etc.
  • Re-read property information if it changes during the building permit process
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Display property information and various layers in Cloudpermit

Plan and Navigate Inspector Routes

  • Manage multiple inspectors and/or multiple inspections
  • See inspectors’ working areas
  • Plan optimal routes based on requested times, locations, and already planned inspections
  • Find optional directions with Google Maps
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Plan and navigate inspector routes in Cloudpermit

Calculate Property Size

  • Draw and determine the size of a property or other areas
  • Determine the distance between different points
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Calculate property sizes in Cloudpermit

Cloudpermit is configured to meet your needs during implementation, and trained department administrators can make modifications without any coding.



Change and Modify Workflows

  • Select application and permit types from a pre-configured structure
  • Define additional required phases, such as inspections
  • Manage requirements, including forms, drawings, reviews, and inspections for each type of application
  • Manage review types, inspection types, and descriptions
  • Modify a list of available document types
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cloupermit workflows

Set Up Notifications

  • Keep all parties informed when permits are expiring, need to be closed, or the status of their building permit or inspection changes
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cloudpermit config notifications

Build and Modify Document Templates

  • Use templates to create permits, reports, certificates, and other documents in PDF format
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cloudpermit config modify

Add Stakeholders to Review and Approval Processes

  • Share building permits with external departments, agencies, and third-party organizations
  • Manage lists of stakeholder organizations
  • Let stakeholder organizations manage their own reviewers and assignments
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cloudpermit config approval

Take the 2-Minute Cloudpermit Tour

Gain valuable insights with custom reports, one-click downloads, and more.



Create Different Types of Reports

  • Create reports, such as for permits, assessments, payments, inspections, reviews, etc.
  • Select and filter application categories, form fields, and optional fields
  • Select permit categories, form fields, and optional fields
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Create different types of reports in Cloudpermit

Download Reports in One Click

  • Download reports as an Excel or CSV file
  • Create pre-sets to save reports
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Generate and download reports in Cloudpermit

One-Click StatCan Reports

  • Create Statistics Canada reports after StatCan building and work codes are determined
Reporting - Statscan

Enable online and over-the-counter payments, send notifications for due payments, determine a detailed list of fees, and more.



Accept Secure Payments

  • Enable online and over-the-counter payments
  • Integrate with third-party PCI Compliant payment gateways
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Accept secure payments online in Cloudpermit

Send Notifications for Due Payments

  • Inform citizens when they have a due payment
  • Manage due or overdue payments
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Send notifications for due payments in Cloudpermit