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Building Permitting

Experience a fast development approval process with online building permitting software. Governments can issue building permits, perform field inspections, and enable online contractor registration.

Faster Permitting and
Easy Inspections

  • Do work in the field or from home
  • Get rid of paper with online storage
  • Drive less by finishing inspections in the field
  • Lower front counter visits

Building Permits

Accept complete building permit applications and issue building permits as soon as payment is processed with a few clicks.

  • Force citizens to complete applications before they can click ‘submit’ with mandatory input fields
  • Update and send automatic building permit status updates to applicants and all involved parties
  • Track building permit processing times
  • Filter and organize by property, property owner, property identification number, parcel identifying number, etc.
  • Determine and set exact application requirements
  • Collect secure applications
cloudpermit building supply screenshot-1

Building Inspections

Conduct on-site mobile inspections on your phone, laptop, or tablet, and manage simple and re-inspections remotely.

  • Input notes and complete reports in the field
  • Manage deficiencies, orders, and past/upcoming inspections
  • Update and send automatic building inspection status updates to applicants and all involved parties
  • Use checklists to confirm all work is complete
  • Schedule and require additional inspections
  • Dispatch and manage multiple inspectors/inspections
  • View status of all inspections on a multi-permit site
Inspection Dispatch #2

GIS Integrated Maps

Take advantage of online, interactive maps that are integrated with your GIS.

  • Search locations by address, property identification numbers, or by selecting it on a map
  • Access different layers such as flooding maps, heritage areas, construction areas, etc.
  • Plan optimal routes based on requested times, locations, and already planned inspections
  • Draw and determine the size of a property or other areas


Use software that is configured to meet your needs and receive support from trained Cloudpermit experts during implementation.

  • Change and modify workflows
  • Manage requirements, including forms, drawings, reviews, and inspections for each type of application
  • Use templates to create permits, reports, certificates, and other documents in PDF format
  • Add stakeholders to review and approval processes
cloupermit workflows


Benefit from accurate and fast reporting online.

  • Select and filter application categories, form fields, and optional fields
  • Download reports as an Excel or CSV file
  • Create pre-sets to save reports
  • Send reports to StatCan automatically


Enable online and over-the-counter payments for easy fee collection.

  • Accept secure payments
  • Integrate with third-party PCI Compliant payment gateways
  • Inform citizens when they have a due payment
  • Manage due or overdue payments

Online Access

Log into Cloudpermit whenever and wherever suits you best.

  • Use any mobile device via the Internet
  • Benefit from storing information in the cloud
  • Automatically save and protect information in real-time
  • Send direct or group time-stamped messages
cloudpermit building supply screenshot-1
Inspection Dispatch #2
cloupermit workflows
Inspections Conducted

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