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Explore real-life insights from some of our over 850 customers who enjoy our software for simpler community development.

Sustainable Practices and Local Values: Fruita’s Path to Cloud-Based Permitting

The City of Fruita’s City Planner, Henry Hemphill, and Planning Technician, Kelli McLean, talked about citizens saving time, money, and energy with Cloudpermit in our webinar.

Easy Permitting in Penticton: Cloudpermit & Tempest Prospero Integration

The Building and Permitting Manager for the City of Penticton, Ken Kunka, shared his experience integrating Cloudpermit with Tempest Prospero in our webinar. 

Transforming Government Inspections: The Village of Pemberton’s Digital Journey and Lessons Learned

The Village of Pemberton’s Building & Planning Clerk, Nikkia Segovia, gave her insight on how Cloudpermit has made building inspections easier. 

Ontario’s Planning Act and How You Can Respond Quickly

The Town of Kingsville’s Manager of Planning Services, George Robinson, explained how Cloudpermit has made sharing documents easier for Kingsville’s planning department in our webinar.


Perspective on Cloudpermit from South Huron’s Planning Coordinator

The Municipality of South Huron’s Planning Coordinator, Vanessa Culbert, joined our webinar to share how Cloudpermit has modernized planning processes in South Huron. 

Streamlining Community Development through Digital Collaboration

Cloudpermit’s Sales Director, West, Jake Wolff, and Product Manager, Etye Sarner, gave webinar attendees insight into how Cloudpermit encourages seamless collaboration between departments.

Efficient Code Enforcement Boils Down to 3 Things

Efficient code enforcement is possible with online community development software. Cloudpermit’s Sales Director, South, Matt Canney, and Product Trainer, Leslie Wright, gave their perspectives on how Cloudpermit improves efficiency.  

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