We enable code enforcement departments to bring processes online for local governments, development communities, and the public – on any mobile device 24/7.

Code enforcement departments can offer online complaint submission, track and manage code enforcement activity and violations, communicate with involved parties, and proactively create cases in the field all online.

Some key features of the software include:

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Online applications, all permit types included
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On-site mobile inspections on any device
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Designed for remote and mobile use
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All-in-one system manages permit submissions, inspections, and approvals
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Automatic and regular feature updates
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No costly integrations or IT projects
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Seamless GIS integration
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Submit Complaints Online

The public can create and submit complaints about potential code violations to their code enforcement department online. They can attach photos, notes, and context to their complaint and communicate with their code enforcement department online with time-stamped messages – all 24/7.

Proactively Create Cases in the Field

Code enforcement officers can proactively create cases in the field with all needed documentation on any mobile device. They can upload photos, add violations, conduct inspections, and more.

Conduct Mobile Field Inspections

Code enforcement officers can conduct mobile field inspections on any mobile device with all relevant information, photos, and notes online.

Use Interactive Maps Online

Benefit from interactive maps online to select the location for a complaint or a case, to read and display property information, and to see existing code enforcement cases in the neighborhood.

Communicate Online with All Parties Involved

Code enforcement departments can easily communicate with the property owner and other stakeholders with direct and group messages that keep all communication in one place.

Collect and Pay Fines Online

Code enforcement departments can collect and track code violation fines online.

Track and Manage Construction Without Permits

Code enforcement departments can easily investigate possible cases of construction without permits. The required permit applications can be easily initiated in Cloudpermit either by the officer or property owner.

Share the Same User Experience with Permitting

Code enforcement departments benefit from seamless integration with Cloudpermit’s permitting product. Users can access both functionalities, and depending on their access roles, can easily access data from the user dashboard. Since workflows and views are built in a similar way across Cloudpermit, using the software is easy to learn and intuitive.

Detect Property Activity

Easily investigate properties online and use the property view to collect all permits, complaints, violations, and inspections on a property in one place.

Manage Open Complaints and Cases

Cloudpermit’s user interface allows code enforcement departments to group multiple complaints into one case, enables easy management, and provides intelligent filtering to find the most relevant cases.

Optimize Officers’ Daily Routes

Easily optimize code enforcement officers’ daily routes with more accurate planning online and by making inspection requests in the case view.

Document and Share Investigations

Each code enforcement case in Cloudpermit has a workspace that contains required classifications, descriptions, notes, inspections, violations, attachments, fines, etc. It is easily accessible in one place to department staff on any mobile device. Property owners can access the public side of the information if the officer invites public users into the workspace.

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