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Code Enforcement

Streamline community development and government services with code compliance software. Enable online complaint submission, case creation in the field, and online payments.

Easy Access to Complaints
and Cases in the field

  • Enjoy remote work with 24/7 access to information
  • Keep information stored in the cloud instead of paper
  • Drive less by creating inspection routes
  • Cut down on office visits
  • Use your phone or tablet to take photos for case files
  • Review violations faster
  • Have faster review and approval processes
  • Work with other departments quickly


Accept complaints and determine what contact information is required before they hit ‘submit’.

  • Read, filter, and organize complaints
  • View all complaints in one area
  • Document violations with standard wording templates
Create Complaints


Create cases and document violations in the field.

  • Add multiple violations to one case
  • Track resolution of violations
  • Search past building permits, previous complaints, and code enforcement cases, and open the complete history of a property
  • Pull information on property owners, councils, courts, and other stakeholders
  • View case history in chronological order
  • Upload and store photos


Conduct mobile inspections in the field on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Input notes and complete reports
  • Upload photos
  • Keep track of all data, contact information, reports, etc.
  • Determine and schedule inspections
  • Monitor, update, and send inspection status updates
  • Assign inspections to inspectors

GIS Integrated Maps

Take advantage of interactive maps that are integrated with your GIS.

  • View address, property borders, and other property details
  • Manage complaints and cases across one property
  • See full history of property such as contact information, past permits, and open history of a property
  • Access different layers such as aerial images, flooding maps, heritage areas, construction areas, etc.
  • Plan optimal routes based on requested times, locations, and already planned inspections


Create different types of reports for code enforcement cases, complaints, and inspections online.

  • Determine and filter report data
  • Download reports in Excel or CSV formats
  • Create pre-sets to save you periodical reports


Our software can be configured to meet your specific needs without any coding.

  • Manage list of code enforcement types, inspection types, and descriptions
  • Manage daily time slots for inspection scheduling
  • Use templates to create inspection reports, letters, certificates, and other documents in PDF format
  • Manage the standard wording that will be used across the software


Enable secure online and over-the-counter payments.

  • Manage fines, fees, and citations
  • Integrate with third-party PCI Compliant payment gateways
  • Inform property owners when they have a due payment
  • Manage due or overdue payments

Online Access

Log into Cloudpermit whenever and wherever suits you best.

  • Use any mobile device via the Internet
  • Benefit from storing information in the cloud
  • Automatically save and protect information in real-time
  • Send direct or group time-stamped messages
Screenshot-PZ-Planning-Applications-Submit and Accept Complete Planning Applications
Create Complaints
Screenshot-PZ-Planning-Applications-Submit and Accept Complete Planning Applications
Inspections Conducted

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