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Trent Lakes, ON, Partners with Cloudpermit for Planning & Development

The Municipality of Trent Lakes in Ontario selected Cloudpermit for more streamlined planning & development. Trent Lakes can enjoy modernized planning for faster and streamlined land management.

Cloudpermit allows local governments to set regulatory times easily online. Staff can determine how much time an authority user has to decide on an application, check how many days are left to deem an application as complete, and keep track of upcoming due dates. They can also see an overview of urgency and all deadlines.

Online software makes it easier for governments to stay organized and track applications. Staff can also create and download reports with a few clicks. They can select and filter application categories, form fields, and optional fields.

We are excited to continue our partnership with the Municipality of Trent Lakes, focusing on streamlined planning & development. As we progress, we eagerly anticipate more collaborations with additional governments across Ontario.