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Planning & Development

Streamline community development with easy-to-use planning and development software. Manage applications 24/7, communicate with applicants, and ensure complete submissions every time. 

Meet Legislative Timelines with Ease

  • Receive and circulate complete applications in real-time
  • View and access all community development applications on a property in a single view
  • Work remotely from the office, on-site, or at home
  • Free up space in your office
  • Keep foot traffic in your office low
  • Strengthen relationships with your citizens
  • Ensure applicants fill out every field on their application
  • Review and circulate planning applications faster
  • Circulate applications internally and externally without paper
  • Keep your citizens informed and involved

Planning Applications

Accept, review, and approve planning applications online.

  • Force citizens to complete applications with necessary attachments and paid fees before they can click ‘submit’ with mandatory input fields
  • Deem applications as complete
  • Track, monitor, and receive planning application status updates
  • Manage all required information, drawings, insurance documents, and other attachments in one workspace
  • Collect secure applications


Keep track of your meetings to approve planning applications faster. 

  • Manage pre-consultation requests
  • Review past, upcoming, and proposed meetings
  • Use templates to create agendas for planning commissions, boards, or council meetings
  • Generate downloadable meeting packages that include relevant documents and agendas

Public Notice

Engage with your public online.

  • Record and inform interested parties with status updates on projects
  • Allow citizens to automatically receive decisions on applications by registering through a link/QR code
  • Generate an automated list of property owners within the required public notice radius
  • Measure public opinion
  • Upload documents as part of public notice notes such as opinion, opposition, or support letters


Circulate applications in real-time to external and internal departments and agencies.

  • Send multiple circulation requests at once
  • Control commenting visibility
  • Notify users via email when a new circulation request is made
  • Receive all responses in one place
  • Set due dates for circulation responses
  • Circulate applications internally and externally to help determine whether applications can be deemed complete


Set regulatory processing timelines easily online.

  • Meet legislative timelines and avoid fines with ease by automatically tracking due dates
  • Determine how much time an authority user has to decide on an application
  • Check how many days are left to deem an application as complete
  • Keep track of upcoming due dates
  • See an overview of urgency and all deadlines
Timelines - Urgency


Never miss an open condition.

  • Access all open conditions in one property view
  • Set default conditions for different types of applications

Two-Tier Approvals

Configure two-tier approvals between upper and lower-tier governments.

  • Collaborate in real-time without paper or mailing documents
  • Change permissions and accessibility for different users and governments
  • Move an application to upper-tier decision-making

GIS Integrated Maps

Enjoy interactive maps online that are integrated with your GIS.

  • Retrieve detailed and accurate property information
  • Find neighboring properties, property owners, and contact information for public notice purposes
  • Access different layers such as flooding maps, heritage areas, etc.
  • Determine the distance between different points


Download reports in a few clicks.

  • Create reports, such as for payments and reviews
  • Select and filter application categories, form fields, and optional fields
  • Download reports as an Excel or CSV file
  • Create pre-sets to save commonly used reports


Our team configures Cloudpermit to meet your needs.

  • Change and modify workflows
  • Receive support from trained department administrators
  • Select application types from a pre-configured structure
  • Use templates to create public notice agendas and templates, and other documents in PDF format
  • Share planning applications with external departments, agencies, and third-party organizations
  • Let stakeholder organizations manage their own reviewers and assignments
cloupermit workflows


Accept secure payments online.

  • Enable online and over-the-counter payments
  • Integrate with third-party PCI compliant payment gateways
  • Notify citizens when they have a due payment
  • Create upfront application bills and bill drafts automatically

Online Access

Log into Cloudpermit whenever and wherever suits you best.

  • Use any mobile device via the Internet
  • Benefit from storing information in the cloud
  • Automatically save and protect information in real-time
  • Send direct or group time-stamped messages
Timelines - Urgency
cloupermit workflows
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