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Township of South Stormont Partners with Cloudpermit for By-Law Enforcement

Ontario’s Township of South Stormont will have simplified by-law enforcement with Cloudpermit’s latest Canadian software solution. The Township has had online building permits with Cloudpermit for years and now has online by-law enforcement for its citizens for simplified community development.

Cloudpermit enables local governments to accept complaints online. Staff can determine what contact information is required from complainants before they can submit their complaints. They can also read, filter, and organize complaints in one place, as well as view all complaints in one area on an interactive map.

Inspectors can create cases and document violations in the field using their phones, tablets, or computers. They can also track the resolution of violations and search past building permits to understand the complete history of a property.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Township of South Stormont to help this Township deliver excellent service to its over 13,000 residents.