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City of Rensselaer, IN, Selects Cloudpermit for Modern Building Permitting and Code Enforcement

Indiana’s City of Rensselaer has selected Cloudpermit for modern building permitting and code enforcement. The city in Jasper County can benefit from mobile inspections and efficient land management.

Cloudpermit makes mobile inspections simple. Inspectors can perform inspections in the field on their phone, tablets, or laptops. This makes it possible for inspectors to start and finish their inspections on-site without needing to drive back to the office to reinput the same notes.

Citizens are immediately notified after an inspection. By keeping residents informed about their building inspections and violations, more transparency can be achieved between governments and the public.

We are excited about our partnership with the City of Rensselaer and look forward to working with more governments across Indiana for modernized land management.