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Town of Denton, Maryland, Simplifies Building Permits with Cloudpermit

The Town of Denton, Maryland, has selected Cloudpermit for simplified building permits. This rich agricultural area in Caroline County will benefit from online and efficient building permits for a streamlined development approval process.

Cloudpermit works with hundreds of local governments and makes it easier for citizens across the U.S. to work with their building departments. Not only is community development simplified online, but it is also secure. Cloudpermit has strict measures in place to keep data secure and protected against all known threats.

Staff can grant public users (like contractors and designers) separate access to each permit with a safe invitation-and-acceptance procedure. Multiple stakeholders can collaborate with each other online for quick feedback and progress.

We look forward to working with the Town of Denton and are excited to expand our reach across the great state of Maryland.