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City of Russellville, KY, Simplifies Building Permits with Cloudpermit

Kentucky’s City of Russellville has simplified building permits with Cloudpermit. The City in beautiful Kentucky can now enjoy more efficient community development because of this partnership.

Cloudpermit is configurable, not customizable. Simply put, customizable software requires coding and configurable software does not. This means that it’s a lot easier to implement configurable software because it's ready out-of-the-box. Governments that choose configurable software still have a say in how the software is set up.

With Cloudpermit, local government staff can modify and edit workflows, fees, forms, layers, party roles, access, and attachment types. It’s also end-to-end software so both applicants and government staff use the same interface. This makes it user-friendly and simple to explain to citizens or builders who may have questions.

We are excited to be partners with the City of Russellville and look forward to helping other local governments across Kentucky adopt efficient, user-friendly, and online community development.