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NJ Bill 1145: Follow the Law and Move Construction Permits Online

January 7, 2022

Last June, New Jersey made it the law for local governments across the state to say goodbye to paper for all construction-related applications and permits with Bill 1145. By the end of 2022, all local governments in New Jersey must have e-permitting software.  

For every goodbye, there is a hello. So, say goodbye to paper and hello to cloud-based software.

Every local government must adopt and implement an “Electronic Permit Processing Review System” that is Internet-based, allows electronic submission of construction permits, plans, and “specifications pursuant to the ‘State Uniform Construction Code Act’.” (Learn more about the bill here.)

So, what does online permitting software mean for local governments and their communities?

For applicants and builders: Applicants and builders, including homeowners and citizens, will be able to apply for building permits online and submit all materials needed for their application online.  

They will also be able to request on-site inspections online and have 24/7 access to the solution. They will have improved transparency into their permits since the building permit process will exist online.  

So, no more travel to the office or costs related to travel or printing. It also makes the permit experience more convenient since they can apply for permits when it suits them best, not just during normal business hours, and can request inspections online instead of needing to call or email their building department.  

For local government departments and third-party agencies: The new law ensures that local government departments, local enforcing agencies, and private agencies have electronic access to permits and relevant materials online.  

An online building permit process makes it easier for these parties to collaborate and share information with one another. It also helps reduce front counter visits, phone calls, and emails since all parties can access permits online.  

So, local governments can work with other departments and agencies online to be more efficient and issue more permits (online permitting software speeds up permit issuance by at least 50 per cent).  

For New Jersey as a state: New Jersey will be an easier place to build for all parties involved when all local governments have access to permits and the building permit process online. And the more departments that use the same system or implement systems that can integrate with one another, more collaboration can occur for a unified and state-wide standard.  

For your local government: Now comes the time to consider which online permitting software makes the most sense for your department.  

At Cloudpermit, we often say that building departments are its own business. Building departments bring in a profit to communities, so treat this decision as a business decision and ask yourself some essential questions.  

  • Which solution will streamline the building permit process the most?  
  • Which solution is the easiest to use for your community and department?  
  • Which solution best fits into your budget?  
  • What is most important to you when deciding on an option?
  • What is your ideal timeline for implementation?
  • How much support are you looking to receive from your choice?

So, what makes Cloudpermit the best option?

  • Implementation takes weeks, unlike most other solutions that take months or sometimes years
  • We offer hands-on implementation to ensure departments are confident using Cloudpermit and genuinely listen to you as a user
  • We take the time to learn your process and work to configure the software to meet what you need
  • Communicating is easy in our communication portal that has time-stamped direct and group messages
  • It’s a cost-effective solution (also eligible for ARPA funds)
  • Online communication is easy within an online communication portal with time-stamped direct and group messages
  • Inspections are easy with on-site mobile inspections
  • Permit and inspection status updates are automatically sent via email
  • We automatically update the software with the ‘latest and greatest’ features every three weeks so you do not have to
  • Seamless integration with GIS
  • Easy to configure to what departments need  
  • It’s user-friendly and accessible from any mobile device
  • Support articles and videos are available for all users

‍Check out our customer stories to learn for yourself how we help local governments become more efficient with a streamlined online building permit process, or book a demo with us to start a conversation.  

We look forward to saying hello to you soon.