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How Unlimited User Licenses Break Limits

December 9, 2021

Online community development software is superior to paper-based or on-premises systems, but like anything, it can come at a price. Most solutions have a traditional pricing structure in which a local government pays for both the features they want and a user license for everyone who accesses the software.

To save money, most local governments will purchase the bare minimum, and as their needs change, they will either find workarounds that limit efficiencies and degrade customer service or be forced to repeatedly go to council to approve budget increases. 

Both are bad options as they limit innovation, efficiencies, and negatively impact the overall customer experience. 

Cloudpermit, on the other hand, has aligned its pricing model to reflect the actual needs and realities of local government. 

Cloudpermit’s licensing model allows for:

- Unlimited user licenses across the municipality  
- Fully featured software modules without add-on costs for niche functionality like reporting, or mobile field inspections 

Benefits of Cloudpermit’s licensing model:

  1. Unlimited Scalability and Simplified Budgeting

Adding more staff because of a building boom? No extra cost required. Cloudpermit will not cost more just because more people are using it. This makes growth easy and budgeting painless.

  1. Easy Cost Recovery

Because the cost of the software does not change, it is easy to manage cost recovery for the system via building permit fees. Most Cloudpermit clients recover some or all the cost of the software via fees.

  1. Enables Part-Time Use from Other Departments

Other departments can use Cloudpermit on an as-needed basis. For example, if the fire department needs access to the system for an inspection or in an emergency, fire department staff can easily access the information they need.

  1. Seamless Shared Services

Shared services between local governments are beneficial when an inspector is on vacation or a town needs help from another town with a specialized skillset. Now, local governments can easily share services and access each other’s permits and inspections for seamless collaboration.