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How Cloud-Based E-Permitting Software Makes Building Inspections Easier

September 9, 2021

Permit inspections are an essential part of construction. Inspectors check that a project adheres to the building code, by-laws, and the issued building permit. Inspections create substantial value for new and future property owners when inspectors can confirm that a building is safe, built according to any requirements and plans, and ensures that each construction stage is well documented.

How can such an essential service be made easier for building inspectors, building departments, and builders or applicants coordinating the inspections? By adopting cloud-based e-permitting software.

Cloudpermit brings all building permit processes online, including inspections. These 10 benefits are some of the many advantages of using cloud-based e-permitting software for inspections:

  1. Conduct On-Site Mobile Inspections
  2. Use Interactive Maps with GIS
  3. Determine Inspections Online
  4. Schedule Inspections Online
  5. Send Automatic Inspection Updates
  6. Easily Keep Track of All Inspection Data in One Place
  7. Manage Simple Inspections and Re-Inspections Remotely
  8. Attract and Train New Inspectors
  9. Share Services with Other Local Governments
  10. Do Quick Pass Inspections

Conduct On-Site Mobile Inspections

Typically, inspectors need to travel to the site, write down their notes on a clipboard or iPad, and then travel back to the office to re-write their notes in an on-premises system or file them.

Cloud-based e-permitting software allows building inspectors to conduct on-site mobile inspections. This means they only need to write their notes once and all information is available online in the field using any connected mobile device.

Inspectors have all permit data, contact information, approved drawings, reports, and previous inspection data at the ready online with Cloudpermit. They can manage deficiencies, orders, and inspection notes in one place online, and just do it once. They can also use Cloudpermit-provided templates to create reports and certificates during an inspection and easily upload photos to their notes in the field.

Use Interactive Maps with GIS

Inspectors have access to interactive maps with GIS (geographic information system) with cloud-based e-permitting software. Cloudpermit gives inspectors access to interactive maps to help plan better routes between sites, easily find inspection locations, and find optimal driving instructions with a Google Maps integration.

On the department side, staff can help manage inspectors’ working areas and assign different sites based on locations and zones.

Determine Inspections Online

Cloud-based e-permitting software streamlines inspection processes for inspectors, department staff, and applicants.

Cloudpermit helps department staff determine which inspections are needed when a permit is issued by providing a proposed list of inspections based on the type of the project. Plus, inspectors and building departments can confirm or adjust which inspections are needed, as well as require additional inspections during a build, on a permit-by-permit basis.

Schedule Inspections Online

It is easier to schedule inspections when applicants and inspectors can manage the requests online. Applicants can select inspection time slots that work for them and inspectors and/or department staff can coordinate multiple inspections based on their locations. This allows inspectors to group inspections in one area of town together to optimize the routing. When the daily schedule is set up, the requesters get confirmation of their inspections.

Not only does requesting and scheduling inspections online save inspectors from unnecessary back-and-forth travel, but it also makes requesting easy and removes the need for going back and forth between inspectors and applicants. When a request is made, the required documentation can be checked, which reduces the possibility of going to the site that is not ready to be inspected.

Send Automatic Inspection Updates

Online permitting processes help improve inspection processes and overall communication among all involved parties with automatic inspection updates.

As soon as inspectors mark an inspection complete, an automatic email notification with the inspection report is sent to the builder. This helps applicants to stay up to date with the status of their inspections and reduces the number of queries to the department. If there are deficiencies found or orders issued, the information is brought to all stakeholders’ attention right away.

When there is an occupancy permit issued based on the inspection, Cloudpermit creates and emails it automatically when the inspection is completed.

Easily Keep Track of All Inspection Information in One Place

Having cloud-based e-permitting software allows inspectors to easily find and input all inspection data in one place for improved efficiency, transparency, and communication.

Cloudpermit makes it easy to find notes, past photos (inspections can easily archive photos in the software), all visits, reports, any outstanding deficiencies, and all communication when it is at your fingertips on site. Plus, when inspectors are dealing with a multi-permit site, they can see the status of all inspections in Cloudpermit.

Manage Simple Inspections and Re-Inspections Remotely

Inspectors can perform simple inspections and re-inspections remotely instead of in-person in the field with Cloudpermit. This eliminates unnecessary travel by allowing inspectors to use photos or video calls to evaluate on-site conditions.

Attract and Train New Inspectors

By leaving paper and on-premises systems in the past, local government building departments and building inspectors can attract and train new inspectors.

Digital development processes are attractive to new inspectors and can encourage experienced inspectors to work in a new area in favor of better ways of working.

Building departments can even use Cloudpermit to train new inspectors. Senior inspectors can be in the office or at home while a training inspector is on-site performing an inspection and can offer remote support. It also creates an easy-to-search archive of past inspections that new staff can use to learn.

Share Services with Other Local Governments

Local governments that use cloud-based e-permitting software can share services with one another. Inspectors can travel between numerous close communities when multiple local governments are using the same solution.

This helps departments that are short on inspectors for vacations, temporary leaves, or between inspectors receive the support it needs to perform necessary inspections without needing to hire more staff. When inspectors are added to another department, their schedule and route can be seen and the inspections from the new department can be added to the schedule. Shared services also help foster a sense of community within regions – a true win-win.

Do Quick Pass Inspections

Sometimes an inspection can be as simple as checking that a requested change has been made on site, or a certain requested task has been carried out. For these short visits Cloudpermit offers an innovative and unique option – a quick pass. Inspectors can hit ‘Quick Pass’ for an inspection in their task list and made one or two simple selections to get the inspections signed off and cleared from their lists. This saves their time and streamlines inspection processes.

To learn more about how cloud-based e-permitting software makes inspections easier, and how Cloudpermit is the best solution for your team, book a demo with us. We look forward to talking with you soon.