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The Value of Building Permits is in Decline Across Canada

December 21, 2021

What can local governments do to increase permit value? Go digital.

According to Statistics Canada, Alberta's building permit value decreased by 23.4% in July from June with only a slight raise in August of 7.0%. As the energy industry takes hold in the province with more energy-focused projects coming to light, now is the time to increase building permit value.

Saskatchewan's building permit value decreased by 20.3% in July from June with only a slight raise in August of 5.1%.

Atlantic Canada's permit value decreased in July – in PEI by 32.1%, in Nova Scotia by 14.6%, and in New Brunswick by 4.1%.

And Canada as a country was down over 3M – the total value for building permits for single-family dwellings in Canada was down 9.6% in July, with a slight increase of 1.2% in August.

Canada's total value of building permits dropped to $9.9 billion in July.

Digitalize Building Permits to Drive Permit Value Up

Applicants, builders, contractors, third-party agencies, and everyone involved in building permit processes can easily do their part of the permit experience online when building departments adopt e-permitting software.  

A cloud-based solution allows staff to issue permits at least 50% faster than paper-based or on-premises systems for more efficient permit issuance.

"Local governments across Saskatchewan have the potential to drastically increase provincial permit value by moving building permit processes online so they can issue even more permits."

Paul Turenne, Sales Manager, at Cloudpermit

Online building permit solutions give local governments improved flexibility, automatic archives, and a streamlined way to work.

Not only does e-permitting software result in faster and more efficient permit issuance, but it also allows for:

  • 24/7/365 access to building permit processes, including application submission, review, approval, and issuance
  • Strong and transparent online communication with time-stamped direct and group messages
  • Inspectors conduct on-site mobile inspections
  • Easy collaboration with third-party agencies
  • Simple and online ways of working without countless emails, phone calls, or front counter visits
  • Automatic inspection and permit status updates for all those involved in each permit  
  • Excellent customer service