Cloudpermit – cloud-based
out-of-the-box e-permitting software

Streamline and digitalize building permit processes

Cloudpermit is an all-in-one and cloud-based e-permitting software (automatically saves and updates, hosted in the cloud, and is managed by Cloudpermit). It enables municipal building departments to work digitally, remotely, and collaboratively – this helps future-proof processes and create opportunities for municipalities to thrive.  

Cloudpermit was built for North American municipal building departments with North American municipal building departments. It is an out-of-the-box solution with a local (state/province) pre-configuration that can be easily configured to meet municipal needs.  

Developed for municipal building departments

Online applications, all permit types included
Enables remote reviews, permitting and inspections
Designed for mobile use
Mobile onsite inspection tool
Easy-to-follow workflow

The safest choice for small and medium-sized municipalities

Already used by more than 250 small and medium-sized municipalities
Configuration, not customization
Easy and fast implementation

Best value for your money

All-in-one system manages permit submissions, inspections and approvals
Multi-tenant system lowers maintenance costs and allows for shared best practices
Automatic and regular feature updates
No costly integrations or IT projects

World´s leading technology

Seamless GIS integration
Software as a service (SaaS) solution
One system for the entire permitting process
Cloud technology, no installations required

Some key features of the software include:

Online applications, all permit types included
On-site mobile inspections on any device
Designed for remote and mobile use
All-in-one system manages permit submissions, inspections, and approvals
Automatic and regular feature updates
No costly integrations or IT projects
Seamless GIS integration

Remote access from anywhere, anytime

Since Cloudpermit is cloud-based, it is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection (users’ homes, on‑site, municipal office, etc.). Municipal building department staff, applicants, and building professionals do not need to travel to the municipal office to submit permit applications or to do their jobs. Cloudpermit users can check permit application statuses and inspection updates online which improves transparency and reduces calls to the municipal office.

Seamless GIS integration

Cloudpermit enables seamless GIS integration (geographic information system) which helps improve accuracy with up-to-date, reliable data and streamlines the building permit process. With GIS integration, users can select the project location from a list of municipal addresses and see locations on a map with property borders. Cloudpermit can also read and display property information from GIS, such roll numbers, property owners, and zoning information.

Collaborative, online workspace

Cloudpermit creates a collaborative, online workspace for all parties involved in the building permit process. The intuitive user interface and workflow helps municipal building departments, building communities, and applicants efficiently access and communicate within the software anywhere, anytime. When the project contains more than one permit, all individual workspaces exist in a project page. Users stay up to date on project status, receive notifications on any updates or changes, and work together on projects.

On-site mobile inspections

Cloudpermit enables simple, paperless management of inspection data because it exists in one workspace. With Cloudpermit, inspectors can conduct on-site mobile inspections and input inspection data (notes, photos, deficiencies, results, etc.) on their mobile device. Permit description, previous inspection information, drawings, etc., are accessible in the inspection tool to reduce time spent finding information. In many cases when drawings, reports, certificates, and photos are provided by the builder in the workspace, simple inspections and re-visits can be managed remotely without any travel.

Inspection data accessible in real time

With Cloudpermit, users are notified when there are updates to an inspection in real time which keeps all parties up to date on inspection status. Users can also request inspections within Cloudpermit, and inspectors are given more control over their daily schedule to plan better routes and make their days more efficient.

Fees automation and online payments

Cloudpermit has a configurable fee schedule for managing fees and charges for any type of application or permit. When an application is ready for submission or a permit is ready to issue, Cloudpermit creates deposits, upfront and permit bills for the applicant to pay according to the configuration. Cloudpermit is integrated with a number of third-party online payment solutions. Online payments simplify how users pay for permits which reduces the need to travel and improves user experience.

Easy to configure

Cloudpermit can be easily configured to meet local requirements (application types, permit templates, municipality logos, authority users and roles, attachment types, etc.). Since Cloudpermit is out-of-the-box, it can be quickly and easily configured for each municipality. It offers support for different user groups, permissions, and access levels.

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