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Top 8 FAQs: Choosing the Right Online Community Development Software

May 19, 2022

Choosing the right community development software is important for the success of any local government, and a key decision that must be made for the efficiency, ease of use, and productivity of a community. These are the top 8 FAQs local governments ask when choosing their community development software, and how Cloudpermit measures up.  

  1. What are the key components and features of the software?
  1. What does the training and implementation process look like?  
  1. How does this fit into my budget?  
  1. What have other local government experiences been?  
  1. How much work is needed from our IT department on a weekly basis?
  1. Will our data be secure?
  1. Is it easy for citizens to use from any device?
  1. Can the same software be used for planning and code enforcement?  

1. What are the key solutions and features of the software?

Cloudpermit is online software that provides local governments with SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions for community development, including building permitting, planning, and code enforcement.  

Building Permitting:

  • Accept, review, and issue building permits
  • Receive complete building permit applications
  • Conduct on-site mobile building inspections
  • Communicate in one place
  • Receive and schedule building inspection requests
  • Interact with maps integrated with your GIS
  • Change and modify workflows
  • Gain insight with reporting
  • Accept payment


  • Accept pre-consultation requests
  • Conduct pre-consultations
  • Manage meeting dates and agendas
  • Record relevant parties for public notice purposes
  • Schedule applications to an upcoming meeting
  • Comment and provide feedback on planning proposals
  • Communicate in one place
  • Request and circulate comments, documents, and data
  • Interact with maps integrated with your GIS
  • Accept payment

Code Enforcement:

  • Accept online complaint submission
  • Track and manage code enforcement activity and violations
  • Proactively create cases in the field
  • Conduct mobile field inspections
  • Use interactive maps integrated with your GIS
  • Communicate in one place
  • Collect fees
  • Detect property activity
  • Manage open complaints and cases

2. What does the training and implementation process look like?

Launch our software with our industry-leading implementation process and expedited timelines for quick use. We match your team with a Customer Success Manager, so you receive hands-on training during onboarding. This way, you quickly gain the knowledge and skills you need to use Cloudpermit easily and effectively through structured meetings and friendly support.  

3. How does it fit into my budget?

We offer cost-effective software solutions to local governments with unlimited user licenses. This means that you can add as many users as you want at no additional cost so if your department grows, our software scales with your growth at no additional cost.  

4. What have other local government experiences been?

We’re trusted by over 500 local governments and have great experiences with our customers. Don’t take our word for it – check out what some of our customers have to say about using Cloudpermit.  

5. How much work from our IT department is needed on a weekly basis?

None. Cloudpermit requires zero support from your IT department as it is cloud-based, and can be accessed on any web browser, requires no installations or manual updates. All our users always access the most up-to-date version of our software, and we make sure your team understands how to use our solutions before you go live.

6. Will our data be secure?

Of course! We ensure your data is stored, securely and safely, in the Google Cloud Platform, located within US borders, and managed by Cloudpermit. This eliminates threats from physical vulnerabilities, such as hardware failures, theft, forgeries, losing files, and natural disasters since it is stored online.  

You can manage access with role-based permissions, stay protected against all known threats, and remove headaches about computer crashes or connectivity loss as all information is automatically saved in Cloudpermit.  

7. Is it easy for citizens to use from any device?

Yes. We take pride in our user-friendly and accessible software. Anyone with any level of software experience can navigate the intuitive software to do what they need to do. See for yourself – learn how easy it is to apply for a building permit.

8. Can the same software be used for planning and code enforcement?

Yes. Cloudpermit works for building permitting, planning, and code enforcement so your local government can work as a team. This makes it easier to communicate, share files, and archive information in one place. It also makes it simpler for citizens in your community to seamlessly use each solution to accomplish their various community development projects.  

To learn more about Cloudpermit, book a demo with us. We look forward to answering any questions you may have on what makes us great (and how we make our customers even greater).