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Software Updates: Property View, Improved Workspace Headers, and More

June 9, 2022

Check out our latest improvements to Cloudpermit. If you have any ideas on how we can make our community development software work even better for you, let us know.

Property View

Property View is a new feature in Cloudpermit that allows users to see the status and historical information related to a specific property in one place.  

The view contains lists of all building permits, planning applications, code/by-law enforcement cases, outstanding violations and deficiencies, latest inspections, outstanding payments, etc. The view header displays property attributes queried from the GIS (Geographic Information System), and a large map with many functionalities and useful map layers.

The property view is a useful tool to all users in the local government, whether they are investigating enforcement cases, or reviewing applications. The view is easily accessible from any workspace through the links in property ID or Roll number fields

Improved Workspace Headers

We have made several improvements in the workspace header. The old header got overloaded with data fields and functionalities over time, which often made it hard to see the essential information or find the functionalities quickly. We also wanted to improve the usability of the workspace view in mobile devices.

Most remarkable improvements:  

  • “Sticky” action bar stays always at the top of the screen, allowing the users to do all actions without scrolling and to return to previous view at any time
  • Show/hide the large workspace map. Removing the thumbnail map helps users when they use the view in mobile touchscreen devices
  • Show/hide property and application attributes with the Show/Hide full data toggle. This enables adding more attributes in the future without “exploding” the header
  • Permit file can be found more easily
  • Workspace assignee control is easy to locate on the right side

For all our other great software updates, please refer to our release notes.