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Inspection software gives inspectors the flexibility to perform mobile field inspections on any mobile device. Staff can add inspection notes and photos, pass or fail an inspection, and schedule an inspection. 

Simpler Inspections

  • Perform online and offline inspections
  • Get rid of paper with online access to information
  • Keep citizens informed with automatic updates
  • Schedule inspections online
  • Send time-stamped messages
  • Add photos to inspection notes
  • Plan optimal inspection routes with GIS integration
  • Manage re-inspections remotely


Conduct inspections in the field on any mobile device like your phone, tablet, and laptop.

  • Input notes and finish reports in the field
  • Add photos to inspection notes
  • Manage simple and re-inspections remotely
Photo - Inspections Information


Allow citizens to schedule inspections online at times that work for your inspectors.

  • Schedule and require additional inspections
  • Dispatch and manage multiple inspectors
  • Confirm or reschedule inspections
  • Reassign inspections to another timeframe or day
Photo - Inspection Request

Offline Capability

Perform inspections in the field with and without service or Internet connection.

  • Schedule and perform complete inspections in the field
  • Use ‘quick pass’ inspections to expedite simple visits
  • Access and update data from on-site
  • Take photos with your mobile device and add them to inspection reports
  • Add violations and additional requirements to a case
  • Add photos en masse
  • Create a case from the field
  • Create ad hoc inspections to a permit, license or case in the field
  • Reassign inspections to another timeframe or day

GIS Integrated Maps

Use online and interactive maps integrated with your GIS for efficient inspections.

  • Chart ideal travel routes by factoring in requested time slots, locations, and inspections that are already part of the schedule
  • Access various layers like heritage areas and flooding maps
  • Find inspection sites by searching with addresses, property identification numbers, or by making a map-based selection
Photo - Dispatching Inspections (with route)


Automatically notify citizens about the status of their inspection.

  • Send emails to applicants for any change in their inspection without needing to log into Cloudpermit
  • Send time-stamped direct and group messages to applicants
Photo - Auto email notifications on inspections


Keep track of all inspection information and ensure data is accurate.

  • Manage deficiencies, orders, and past/upcoming inspections
  • View the status of all inspections on a multi-permit or violation site
  • Find past and upcoming inspections while in the field
Tablet View #2

Online Access

Log into Cloudpermit whenever and wherever suits you best.

  • Use any mobile device via the Internet
  • Benefit from storing information in the cloud
  • Automatically save and protect information in real-time
  • Send direct or group time-stamped messages
Log into Cloudpermit
Photo - Inspections Information
Photo - Inspection Request
Photo - Dispatching Inspections (with route)
Photo - Auto email notifications on inspections
Tablet View #2
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