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Software Updates: Manual Input, Additional Payment Integrations, and More

July 20, 2021

Latest Product Updates

Here at Cloudpermit, we’re always listening to what our customers want from our software. We release new features every three weeks to make sure our software works better for you and your users all the time.  

Learn about some product updates below, read our release notes and check out our Vimeo page to watch a variety of how-to videos.  

Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas on how to make Cloudpermit even better – we're always happy to listen.  

Manual Input for Property Data

Accurate and correct location information, such as addresses and property information, is important and mandatory when you apply for or issue permits. Cloudpermit uses location information directly from local GIS (Geographical Information System), but sometimes the data is missing or out-of-date.  

In order to submit an application in the case that the correct location information missing or incorrect, Cloudpermit will allow users to find their permit location on the map and fill out the rest of the data. Local government users can see that the information was filled out manually. They can validate, re-query the location from the GIS and correct the data if needed before the permit is issued.  

Additional Payment Vendor Integrations (Bambora and Allpaid)

Cloudpermit is now integrated with Bambora and Allpaid as online payment system options. When a department has a contract with either of these online payment providers, all they need to do to enable their applications and permits to be paid online, and the administrator user needs to set the required information in the configuration.  

We have also added the possibility to add a maximum limit for an online (credit card) payment. Some local governments prefer not to accept credit card payments for large permit bills or development charges.  

Find New Permits More Easily

Some users have reported that it has been difficult to find the permit in the workspace after it has been issued. To help our users, we have made the following improvements: a link in the permit number at the top of their workspace that always takes you to the permit, and the link that the applicants receive after the issuance in their email, takes them directly to their permit and not to the instructions view as it previously did.  


Use "Quick pass" as an Alternative Method for Passing an Inspection

We are now supporting quick and easy passing of simple inspections. Using our standard workflow of starting a visit, adding documentation, deficiencies, notes, results, selecting report templates etc. might feel too much, if the inspection is simply a quick look to check that a required task has been completed on the site.  

Quick pass starts from the inspector's MyToday view and it takes only 2-3 clicks to complete an inspection. When you want to do proper documentation, the standard mobile inspection workflow is always available as an option and starting an inspection is now also easier than it was before. Simply tap anywhere on an inspection "card" with your finger and the view opens.