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Software Updates: Improvements to Message Notifications, Restrict Attachment Visibility, Modify Permit Type Descriptions, and More

February 25, 2022

We’re always looking for ways to improve our software to make our solutions work even better for our customers and their communities.  

Learn more about our most recent software updates below and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any ideas on how Cloudpermit can serve you better.  

Improvements to Message Notifications

We have updated our logic with respect to who receives a notification and what messages trigger a notification for a user. Municipal users can now more easily know when someone has tried to contact them with improved notifications.  

Now, users are always notified when they receive a direct message.  

Users now receive notifications if:

  • They have unfinished reviews in the workspace where the message was received
  • They have incomplete inspections in the workspace where the message was received
  • If they are the assignee in an application
  • If there is no assignee, reviewer, or inspector in the workspace. Cloudpermit will notify everyone in the CSR (Customer Service Rep) group in this instance when there is a new message

Restrict Attachment Visibility

When a user uploads an attachment into Cloudpermit, they can now control who can view, open, or download their attachment. This adds another layer of privacy for some documents that might contain personal or other content that the user does not want to share with others in the workspace.  

Municipal users can also control and restrict attachment visibility. This gives them an opportunity to upload and store related documentation that is only meant for municipal users.  

Users can select who can view their attachment when they upload it or after it has been uploaded. They can select Everyone as the default option so all parties can view their attachment or choose Restricted so only the user who uploaded the attachment and municipal users can view their attachment.

Everyone: all parties can view the attachment.
Restricted: only the user who uploaded the attachment and municipal users can view the attachment.

Modify Permit Type Descriptions

Municipal administrative users can now edit permit type descriptions to better reflect the scope of applications they allow on Cloudpermit. Users receive better guidance from the wizard when a new application is created as the text is configurable to be what municipal users need.