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How Cloudpermit Can Solve Pain Points for Building Officials

June 2, 2022

Software solutions for local government can aid the busy schedules of building officials and inspectors. With all essential information in one place, streamlined communication, and a robust inspection scheduling system, Cloudpermit can directly solve the top pain points. Building departments will find our local government software improves inspection scheduling, requires users to submit complete building permit applications, and makes it easy to access property documents in one location.

Real-time Inspection Notifications

Citizens and builders appreciate the convenience of being able to go online and schedule an inspection as part of their building permit process. The process is quick and easy for applicants, as well as local government staff who are assigning inspections to building inspectors after they have been received. This helps free up the phone lines for local government staff.

Users appreciate updates on inspections and need to communicate with the right people after they are notified about their inspection, especially on completion. This helps construction projects stay on track and keep everyone involved in the loop. Status updates are available online and users also receive emails letting them know as soon as the status of their inspection changes. This makes it easy to just log in to Cloudpermit and check the status of an inspection. 

Ease-of-Use for Citizens

With Cloudpermit, citizens must fill out all the required fields and attach the necessary documents to submit their applications online. It is a solution where everyone benefits when you provide your citizens with an intuitive and simple online experience, and local government staff get what they need to process an application.  

Citizens benefit from building permitting software:

  • Know what information and documents are required to submit a building permit application
  • Send direct messages and collaborate online with everyone involved in a project
  • Receive notifications and track the status of permits and inspections
  • Take advantage of GIS integration on interactive maps to locate a property
  • Make online payments from any device

Local governments are more productive when they free up time and reduce communication in-person or over the phone when citizens can do it online. Cloudpermit helps building departments modernize the way they serve citizens for community development and land management.

Information is All in One Place and Accessible from Any Device

It is a struggle when staff is looking for all the information related to a specific property when documents are all not located in the same place. Building departments do not have to search through their paper-based system when all property information is accessible 24/7 on Cloudpermit with our ‘Property View’ feature. Users can see all details for building permits, inspections, planning documents, payment history, code violations, building deficiencies, and more.  

Bringing building permitting processes online has many advantages for both local governments and their citizens. 
Learn more about how Cloudpermit’s local government solutions can ease pain points and help you become more efficient.