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Deciding on Community Development Software? See Why Cloudpermit is a Great Choice

November 29, 2022

Cloudpermit has changed the localgov software industry. For years, we’ve been working with hundreds of local governments to provide our online community development software. We have partnerships in over 20 U.S. states and have been recognized as one of the global leaders in this industry.

So, how is our software different from the rest?

Affordable Cost

Most local government software is not accessible. Community development software is often only available to the largest cities with the biggest budgets.

Cloudpermit ensures local governments of all sizes can access online and simple software. Quotes are determined by a multitude of factors that help ensure each community is priced to reflect its population size.

“It’s like a car – I don’t need a luxury car. I need a car that’s reliable, has good visibility, and will take me from point A to point B for an affordable price. Most software options we looked at were like luxury cars with a high price tag with dozens of features we didn’t need. Cloudpermit is the best-selling compact car of permitting software. It's reliable, simple, and gives us what we need at an affordable price with great visibility into the permitting process.

- Steve Pitt, a Permit Specialist with the Vancouver Airport Authority

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User-Friendly Software

Oftentimes, community development software is hard to use. It requires installations, manual updates, and a lot of technical ability from those using it.

Our software is user-friendly and intuitive. Users can access our online software via their internet connection without any installations, manual updates, or technical abilities.

“We wanted a cost-effective, user-friendly, and configurable system that gave our staff and residents improved transparency, and after researching many options, we found those advantages in Cloudpermit. This software will be simple for our residents to use and help us provide more insight into our streamlined approval process.”

- Marcus Serrano, Village Administrator for the Village of Buchanan in New York

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Unlimited User Licenses

Most software companies charge local governments by user. Depending on annual budgets, this could mean that if a new staff member comes on board, the software can become unaffordable.

Cloudpermit has an unlimited user license model. The number of staff using the software has no impact on cost. This also means that everyone can access the software at the same time, which is especially critical in responding to a natural disaster.

“We did not need to ask for new licenses or wait around for payment to add new users to our system [to help us respond to a tornado]. Instead, we quickly created accounts for everyone who was helping so they could easily add their notes to the team effort.”

- Kyle Rainbow, Township of Uxbridge’s Director of Development Services

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End-to-End Experience

Local governments often must choose between an easy software experience for staff or citizens as few software options offer both.

Government staff, the development community, and citizens use the same simple software with Cloudpermit as our solutions are end-to-end. Staff understands what citizens access as they access the same intuitive solutions themselves.

“It’s a win-win for everyone to embrace Cloudpermit’s simplicity because simplicity is powerful for every local government and the members of its community.”

- Walied Zekry, Chief Building Official for the Township of Ramara

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Online Flexibility

Traditional software solutions must be manually installed and can only be used on specific computers. Staff must work in the office and cannot work in the field, so they are forced to take notes on-site, and then reinput those same notes back at their desk. Citizens must travel to the government office when required which limits who can access government services, and when (as many people typically work in the same office hours as most local governments).

Cloudpermit offers online and cloud-based flexibility to all users. All users can use any mobile device to access their building permitting, planning & zoning, and code enforcement projects. Staff can work in the field from their phone or tablet without needing to go back to the office to record them. Citizens can do work from home (like applying for building permits) at any time.

“It is a massive step forward that my response time can go from an hour or two down to two minutes. Our residents and builders can get back to their day faster since I can answer their questions as soon as I’m available, rather than as soon as I’m physically in their township.”

- Scott Saunders, Chief Building Official for the Townships of Silver Creek, Keeler, Pokagon, and Wayne in Michigan

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Fast Implementation

Not all local government software is made the same and many require coding. It can take years to get up and running with software which can have a negative impact on the time and stress of all staff involved.

Our software does configuration, not customization. This means there is no coding required. Our solutions are out-of-the-box (ready for staff to use) so once training and basic configuration are done, staff can begin a new digital journey.

“Training has been amazing. Our Customer Success Manager gives me the support I need, takes the time to answer my questions, and has been a great part of selecting Cloudpermit. Every part of my Cloudpermit journey has been easy and everything that I was promised in the sales process has been delivered.”

- Julie Wicker, the Town of Wilson’s Clerk

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Learn more about how Cloudpermit has changed the localgov software space by booking a demo so you can see for yourself how our software can help your department thrive.