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How to Protect Your Data During Hurricane Season

May 25, 2022

Hurricane season is fast approaching across the southern U.S. This year’s hurricane season is expected to be more severe than in past years. Florida is anticipated to be a hotspot among coastal states.

Storing paper documents or data on computers at the office makes information vulnerable to physical threats, especially during hurricane season. High winds, floods, and storms can damage buildings, destroy information, and disrupt processes. Dangerous weather can also risk the physical safety of those who need to travel to a government office.

Local governments can protect important data during hurricane season by adopting online community development software.

Building, planning & zoning, and code enforcement departments benefit from protected data when it exists online. They can:

  • Eliminate physical threats and vulnerabilities
  • Allow staff to work remotely
  • Keep citizens at home
  • Encourage builders to work from other regions
  • Keep projects on schedule
  • Share information during emergencies

Eliminate Physical Threats and Vulnerabilities  

Data is not susceptible to natural disasters when it is stored safely and securely online. When local governments take advantage of online cloud storage, they no longer need to be concerned about keeping valuable information safe, whether it’s data in filing cabinets or on specific computers at the office. Online software ensures there is no data loss if a hurricane causes damage to a government office.

Allow Staff to Work Remotely

Staff can work remotely during hurricane season when it is unsafe to travel. They can also help other departments and communities without needing to travel by working together online.

Keep Citizens at Home

It is not always safe to travel during hurricane season and sometimes, it is best to stay home. Online community development software allows citizens to do everything they need from home without needing to travel to a local government office.

Encourage Builders to Work from Other Regions

Hurricanes can make it unsafe for builders who need to make long commutes to their jobs. Moving online allows builders to work from other regions without any disruptions to their work or impact on their safety.

Keep Projects on Schedule

Inclement weather does not need to slow down a citizen’s building permit application or complaint for a potential code violation from being submitted or reviewed. Citizens can submit and work on their projects at any time when they can work online.  

Share Information During Emergencies

Time is critical during an emergency. Online software allows building, planning & zoning, and code enforcement departments to share relevant information with other departments, like fire departments to quickly determine who owns a property.

Cloudpermit keeps data safe and secure all year round, especially during hurricane season when there are potential threats. Contact us to learn more about how we protect your data with our cloud-based software.