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Don't Let Your Software Be a Hazard

April 5, 2022

Code enforcement departments deal with a lot of hazards, your software doesn't need to be one of them.

Bill 838 CA | How moving online benefits code enforcement departments

Starting on July 1, 2022, local governments across California that receive lead hazard violations or other substandard building condition complaints from any person involved with the building must respond to the complaint with an inspection. Assembly Bill 838 encourages and mandates governments to respond to potential hazards (such as lack of heat or access to drinking water, fire hazards, or structural problems) faster and more thoroughly.

Dealing with hazards can be a time-consuming part of the job, and with this new bill enforcing more inspections, governments will most likely be performing more inspections than they were before.

It’s undeniable code enforcement departments deal with a lot of hazards, so it’s important to consider how to be prepared and efficient to do so.

Why Moving Online is the Way to Go

Moving processes online allows code enforcement departments to be more efficient, collaborative, and effective.

Code enforcement departments gain advantages because they can:

  • Offer citizen self-service for online complaint submissions
  • Proactively create cases in the field
  • Conduct mobile field inspections
  • Use interactive maps with GIS (Geographic Information System) integration
  • Communicate with all stakeholders in one place
  • Collect and pay fines
  • Track and manage construction without building permits
  • Detect property activity
  • Manage open complaints and cases
  • Optimize officers' daily routes
  • Document and share investigations
  • Upload an unlimited number of photos and videos from an inspection at once

More inspections will be easier to perform since inspectors will be more efficient and prepared. To learn more about:

➜ How online software for code enforcement allows inspectors to be more prepared and efficient, reach out to us

➜ Cloudpermit and other software solutions we offer (building permitting and planning), click here

➜ Assembly Bill 838 and what local governments need to expect starting July 1, 2022, check this out