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Township of North Kawartha Building Department Goes Digital During COVID in Record Time

The Township of North Kawartha, Ontario

May 22, 2020

When the Township of North Kawartha, Ontario was faced with the COVID-19 lockdown, the municipal building department—a staff team of 4—had to adapt quickly. They decided that they would implement an e-permitting system—while they had been considering an e-permitting system for their small municipality, decided the pandemic was the perfect time to move forward as quickly as possible.

The decision to choose Cloudpermit was easy. Its leading-edge technology was developed in partnership with small and mid-sized municipalities to suit their unique needs. Cloudpermit promised to implement it and train staff remotely within a tight timeframe. And the product’s rapid adoption across the province in recent months brought numerous glowing references from Chief Building Officials everywhere.

“I am amazed by how easy the system is to use and how fast we were able to get up and running,” said Travis Toms, Chief Building Official. He added that it took only 4 weeks from his phone call during the pandemic to full implementation.“ The Cloudpermit team was very responsive and helpful. I would enthusiastically recommend them to any municipality.”

Cloudpermit offers municipalities like North Kawartha a cloud-based building e-permitting software that can be accessed from everywhere. Applicants, inspectors, and municipal staff across departments can submit, update and review permit applications in real-time, expediting the flow of information, improving transparency, and saving time and money.