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Middlesex and Lucan Biddulph Adopt New E-Permitting Software

Municipality of Middlesex Centre and the Municipality of Lucan Biddulph, Ontario

August 10, 2020

The municipalities of Middlesex Centre and Lucan Biddulph were among the first adopters of e-permitting in Ontario. They chose the Cloudpermit because it is the world-leading cloud-based software designed specifically for municipal building departments.

Many municipalities are still relying on cumbersome paperwork to complete inspections and provide permit services. Manual forms mean more paperwork for staff, along with challenges accessing and storing data. The result is more scanning, mailing or even driving to various locations to complete and deliver paperwork.

Middlesex Centre Chief Building Official, Arnie Marsman, and his team are forward-thinking trailblazers, so they were keen to be early adopters of this intuitive paperless system. After a smooth implementation process in Middlesex Centre, their team assisted its roll-out in neighbouring Lucan Biddulph.

“We are very pleased with the time we have already saved since implementing Cloudpermit,” said Marsman. “It has really been an invaluable software that has helped us to eliminate our manual processes for applicants, builders and municipal staff.” Since August 2019, the building department in Middlesex Centre has processed over 150 permits.

Municipalities throughout the province have recently embraced Cloudpermit’s all-in-one platform for both e-permitting and mobile inspections for tablets. This is not only more transparent, convenient and efficient—it saves time for everyone involved in the permitting process by having one cloud-based system. It also creates a truly paper-free environment, because it eliminates the need for printouts and mailings to share data.