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The Kent Regional Service Commission, New Brunswick, Encourages Development Standardization with Cloudpermit Partnership

Kent Regional Service Commission, New Brunswick

August 23, 2021

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The Kent Regional Service Commission, New Brunswick, partnered with Cloudpermit, leading software for simple and online building and development processes, to digitalize its building and planning processes.

"We're looking forward to our partnership with Cloudpermit as the solution is designed for Building and Planning Departments and it shows," shared Paul Lang, the Kent Regional Service Commission's Executive Director. "Cloudpermit will help our Planning Department standardize our internal processes for more efficient services and stronger communication among our staff."

The region covers an area of 4,886.20 square kilometres and includes two towns, four villages, one rural community, and 20 local service districts.

"Our partnership with Cloudpermit holds a lot of positive potential for all regional service commissions and municipalities in New Brunswick," Lang explained. "The other 11 regional service commissions are now considering this software which would help streamline development processes and create the same baseline for all local governments across the province."

The region's 32,743 residents will be able to apply for permits online from the comfort of home and its builders will be able to do their work online at convenient times after the software is implemented later this year.  

"The Kent Regional Service Commission is known for being innovative and a great collaborator in New Brunswick," explained Peter Rotenberg, Director of Sales Development, North America, at Cloudpermit. "We're thrilled to work with this digital leader and look forward to the inevitable inspiration this partnership will create for local governments that want to digitally transform."

About Cloudpermit

Cloudpermit empowers local governments with simple and online development processes. It takes users from application to approval and encourages collaboration among government staff, applicants, homeowners, builders, designers, third-party agencies, and all those involved in each permit. The software was created for, and with, North American local governments to help communities thrive.  

About the Kent Regional Service Commission, New Brunswick

The Kent Regional Service Commission in New Brunswick was created in 2013. It plays three major roles: providing, or facilitating the delivery of, legislated services to communities (land use, planning, and solid waste management), facilitating the establishment of voluntary service agreements between interested communities, and serving as a forum where communities collaborate on regional issues.

Cloudpermit contact:

Peter Rotenberg, Director of Sales Development, North America
647 461 2586

Kent Regional Service Commission contact:

Paul Lang, Executive Director
(506) 743-1490

Jean Goguen, Planning Director
(506) 743-1490