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How e-permitting helps deliver excellent customer service

City of Steinbach, Manitoba

August 12, 2021

Three overlooked benefits to online archiving

E-permitting has many benefits for municipalities. It enables applicants and builders to apply for permits online, conduct mobile inspections in the field, and more. Moving permit processes online puts building departments at a clear advantage.  

One often-overlooked benefit is archiving. With an automatic and online archive, departments can:  

  • benefit department staff and builders with online repositories;  
  • improve efficiency with better organization; and  
  • improve functionality by keeping records in one place.  

The City of Steinbach, one of the fastest growing cities in Manitoba, turned to e-permitting software earlier this year after trying a software a few years back that did not meet expectations.  

“Our building inspection team wanted to find an e-permitting software that complemented our city’s values, especially excellent customer service,” shared Adam Thiessen, Steinbach’s Corporate Services Manager. “There are hundreds of other communities across Canada using different solutions so learning from their experiences helped give us a high level of assurance that Cloudpermit was the right choice for Steinbach.”  

1. Benefit Department Staff and Builders with Online Repositories

The Steinbach Planning and Zoning Department is excited about its repository capabilities for both its department and builders.  

“This software will be a great building permit repository for our department and builders,” Thiessen said. “We’re excited to improve our internal system while also probably improving our builders’ systems at the same time. It’s a win-win.”  

2. Improve Efficiency with Better Organization  

The automatic and online archive has helped improve efficiency, encourage organization, and reduce paper in the office. Staff do not need to file paper in a filing cabinet or use a spreadsheet to keep track of permits anymore.  

The online solution ensures that all permit applications are complete upon submission.  

“At the documentation level, it is easier to find and require the right documentation applicants need to include in their permit applications,” explained Thiessen. “It’s quicker to find information online and we’ve been able to issue permits faster than before.”

3. Improve Efficiency by Keeping Records in One Place  

Cloudpermit moves all permit processes online and stores all permit information in an easily accessible, online format.  

“Since all records are in one place, it really improves their functionality,” Thiessen voiced. “An automatic archive helps us maintain efficient operations as our population continues to grow.”  

Online Processes Lead to Excellent Customer Service  

Steinbach is achieving continued success and consistent growth. And, online processes are helping the city deliver excellent customer service to its community.  

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Originally published in the August Issue of Municipal World.