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How Cloudpermit Supports Small Towns with Large-Scale Development Projects

Town of Moosonee, Ontario

February 23, 2022

Innovative e-permitting solutions can help local governments and communities of any size handle large-scale development projects.

The Town of Moosonee is adopting digital development processes with Cloudpermit to deliver more efficient service to its 2,750 residents, with about 85% being Cree, and support its two major upcoming development projects – a new hospital and long-term care facility.

Cloudpermit will support these projects with:

  • Online Shared Services
  • Complete Building Permit Applications
  • Streamlined Internal and External Permitting Processes

Online Shared Services

The “Gateway to the Arctic” works with RSM Building Consultants to deliver excellent customer service in a town known for having no road access to the rest of the province during non-winter months.

Cloudpermit brings multiple governments and third-party agencies together online so everyone can easily collaborate and see information in real-time.

RSM Building Consultants already uses Cloudpermit to work with other local governments, so it’ll be an easy transition for us to use the solution as well,” explained Bryan Nahrgang, the Town of Moosonee’s Chief Building Official. “I will handle the residential permits in Moosonee, and we can share services with RSM Building Consultants to handle the hospital and long-care facility permits.”

For those living in Moosonee, the closest hospital is on an island, Moose Factory Island, across the Moose River. This can pose some challenges, especially in poor weather conditions, for timely health care with only air or water transfers available.

One of the main drivers of going digital with Cloudpermit was to make this hospital development project simpler and more efficient by having everything online in one digital space,” shared Nahrgang. “This hospital will provide easier access to health care across the region and create a significant number of jobs in Moosonee, so we’re excited to take advantage of this software to help make this project a reality.”

Complete Building Permit Applications

Incomplete building permit applications are a struggle for many, if not all, local government building departments that do not have an e-permitting solution. With e-permitting, this struggle can be eliminated altogether.

Right now, I’m spending an additional hour of work on each permit explaining what applicants need to fill out to complete their permit application and going back and forth to make sure their application is complete,” explained Nahrgang. “Since applicants can only submit complete permit applications, Cloudpermit will give me those hours back so I can focus on where my time is needed.”

Complete building permit applications create a better permit experience for builders, contractors, and applicants alike.

Cloudpermit’s mandatory text fields ensure each part of a permit is filled out before an applicant can submit their permit so department staff can invest their time where it is needed.

Streamlined Internal and External Permitting Processes

E-permitting software can streamline internal and external permitting processes by moving everything online.

Cloudpermit will be a big time-saver for me since information only needs to be entered once and in one system, instead of across multiple platforms,” Nahrgang said. “An all-in-one solution will make it easier to immediately respond to questions and stay on top of new permits in our community, especially with several large-scale development projects coming up.”

For builders and contractors, online permitting processes are a time-saver too.

Once our builders and contractors are up and running in Cloudpermit, it’s going to make things a lot easier for them to streamline how they work and ensure they’ve filled out all the needed forms and documentation,” explained Moosonee’s Chief Building Official. “We’re looking forward to providing a streamlined way to build in Moosonee.”

Cloudpermit will support Moosonee’s upcoming large-scale development projects. This new digital road to success will show local governments of all sizes, including the largest cities, that it is time to follow the lead of small towns like Moosonee to reap the many benefits online development processes offer.