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Digital development processes create surprising benefits

Kent Regional Service Commission, New Brunswick

November 11, 2021

Digital building and planning processes benefit entire communities. Some benefits are obvious, such as online and remote access, but there are also new possibilities that are not as immediately apparent.  

With digital development processes, building and planning departments can: 

  • standardize internal and external development processes 
  • improve code enforcement with digital permits 
  • give builders and inspectors geographical freedom 

This year, the Kent Regional Service Commission (RSC) in New Brunswick adopted cloud-based software to bring digital services to its community of 32,743 residents. This covers two towns, four villages, 20 local service districts, and one rural community.

“We had tried several digital solutions before Cloudpermit, and they were all missing an in-depth knowledge of what building and planning departments need,” Paul Lang, Executive Director for the Kent Regional Service Commission, explained. “Now, we have a cloud-based solution that is designed for our needs as a department and brings many benefits to our region, builders, residents, and applicants.” 

Standardize Internal and External Development Processes 

The eastern New Brunswick region will benefit from standardized internal development processes. It may even lead to provincial standardization.

“This solution will help standardize our development processes among our planning department with streamlined and online ways of working,” Kent’s Executive Director said. “The other 11 regional service commissions in New Brunswick are considering Cloudpermit to create a province-wide baseline, methodology, and database for development which would be a huge benefit for the province.” 

Improve Code Enforcement with Digital Permits 

The Kent RSC offers region-wide by-law enforcement. 

“Our By-Law Enforcement Department will be able to access our permit database online with this solution,” shared Lang. “We’re not afraid of trying new ways of working, and this will help us gain code enforcement efficiencies.” 

Give Builders and Inspectors Geographical Freedom 

Kent’s planning department operates from two government offices 30 kilometres apart. Traveling between these locations can add time to a builder or inspector’s day when they need to participate in development processes.

“Right now, we have inspectors that are geographically defined to a single office since our database for that area exists in one of our offices,” shared Lang. “An online database will give our inspectors geographical freedom to work from wherever they choose with remote and easy access to real-time information.” 

Digital Development Processes Drive Innovation 

The Kent Regional Service Commission is continuing to demonstrate its focus on innovation. And, digital and online development processes will help its planning department keep pushing forward on a digital path.  

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Originally published in the November issue of Municipal World.