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An Easy Building Permit Process: The City of Darien Partners with Cloudpermit to Bring Building Permits Online

City of Darien, Georgia

March 1, 2022

The state of Georgia's second-oldest city, the City of Darien, selected cloud-based community development software, Cloudpermit, to simplify and modernize its building permit process.

"We want to give our citizens the opportunity to easily apply for building permits online," explained Kieran McMullen, Darien's Building Inspector/Code Enforcement. "Right now, I spend a lot of time letting applicants know that I'm missing information, architectural plans, or site plans in their paper application. Cloudpermit will give me and our citizens that time back since the software is user-friendly, can be accessed on any mobile device, and ensures applicants can only submit their application when it is complete."

Cloudpermit makes building inspectors more efficient since they can conduct on-site mobile building inspections and automatically notify homeowners and builders when their building inspection status changes. McMullen will be able to complete building inspections in the field without needing to go back to the office to upload photos, fill out forms, or schedule further inspections with homeowners.  

"The City of Darien can soon enjoy the benefits of an online building permit process," shared Jarkko Turtiainen, Cloudpermit's Senior Vice President, North America. "We are thrilled to be part of their online transformation and partner with such a leader among Georgia's local governments."

Cloudpermit is set to launch in the City of Darien shortly to bring building permits online for its 1,500 citizens.  

"One thing you always have to remember is that building departments deal with building permits all the time," McMullen explained. "For the person that's building a house, this might be the only time they'll work on a building permit. We always communicate to our citizens that we understand the importance of their building permit, and by making our building permit process easy with Cloudpermit, we can show them how important their building permit is to us."

About Cloudpermit:

Cloudpermit is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) company that provides local governments with cloud-based software solutions for community development. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Cloudpermit was founded over ten years ago and delivers online land management processes to local governments across North America and Europe. Cloudpermit is committed to efficient, user-friendly, and accessible software solutions that benefit building, planning, and code enforcement departments, development communities, and the public. Please visit for additional information.

About the City of Darien:

The City of Darien is Georgia's best-kept secret. It is the second-oldest city in the state and was founded in 1736. It is a welcoming home to its 1,500 residents and has beautiful views of the water with ancient live oaks, Spanish moss, coastal marshlands with five rivers, and salt and freshwater fishing. Please visit  for more information.

Seal of the City of Darien, Georgia, established 1736.

Media Contacts:

Anna Rolnicki  
Cloudpermit's Director of Marketing, North America  

Carly Thackray  
Cloudpermit's Marketing and Communications Manager, North America