Safety has always been a top priority in the building industry and that is clear looking at building codes, inspections, and permit processes in place to protect builders and communities from potential risk.  

On a global scale,¬†municipalities¬†have been forced¬†to¬†implement¬†new ways to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic¬†‚Ästphysical drop boxes at municipal offices¬†to avoid physical contact,¬†sending¬†information and files¬†over email to maintain social distancing, phone calls¬†to¬†try and fix gaps in communication¬†‚Äď the list goes on.¬†¬†

E-permitting is a safe and secure data storage and communication solution that helps reduce risk with safer, more effective building permit processes because;

·      Municipal building departments can receive, review, and issue building permits online which eliminates the need for physical drop boxes (become paperless), and unnecessary emails and phone calls during office closures and physical distancing efforts 

·      E-permitting keeps data safe from being susceptible to physical vulnerabilities (when data and files are stored in filing cabinets or on-premises systems, they are susceptible to forgeries, theft, and physical disasters like fires and floods) 

·      Applicants, building professionals, and municipal building departments can track permit status and easily communicate with each other online with time-stamped messaging to reduce any potential liabilities in back-and-forth communication and improve transparency  

As a cloud-based e-permitting solution, Cloudpermit securely and safely stores its data in three separate zones in Google Cloud, all located within its respective country borders and managed by Cloudpermit. Each user’s account is password-protected and the administrative accounts will be secured with a 2-factor authentication.

‚ÄúCloudpermit¬†helps municipal building department take ownership of¬†data protection¬†by securely storing data online,‚ÄĚ shared Nathaniel Kurash, Vice President of Sales, USA. ‚ÄúE-permitting offers a solution for municipalities looking to implement¬†safer, cost-effective, and more efficient¬†practices¬†this year.‚Ä̬†¬†

Going digital creates an opportunity for municipal building departments to become fully remote, paperless, and secure from the safe comfort of their own home.  

To learn more about Cloudpermit and how it helps improve safety, check out our Buyer’s Guide or schedule a demo with our team.