Cloudpermit offers free e-permitting software to municipal building departments so they can work remotely

Many Canadian municipal building departments are suddenly tasked with finding safe and efficient ways to work remotely in response to the current health crisis. Cloudpermit is responding to this urgent need by offering its leading-edge building e-permitting system free for six months to all Canadian municipalities.

The intuitive Cloudpermit software provides a virtual workspace that replaces all paper-based processes. Its cloud platform expedites the flow of information, improves transparency, eliminates misplaced documents and saves staff time and money. Administrators, inspectors and permit applicants can access it from anywhere. Cloudpermit implements the system remotely as well, along with training and support.

The Municipality of Southwold, located just south of London, Ontario, has partnered with Cloudpermit to assist other communities. To facilitate faster deployment, they have offered their customized system configuration to be used as a baseline for other Canadian municipalities.

“Cloudpermit clients, like Southwold, have had an easier time coping with the ‘new normal’ and have not had their business impacted significantly by the closure of municipal offices, work-from-home policies or social distancing practices,” says Corey Pemberton, Chief Building Officer of Southwold. “Cloudpermit is a community-minded company that would like to help where they can and give back.”

Municipalities can choose to extend their contract after six months with Cloudpermit to continue using the system. There is no obligation for them to purchase the software.