Cloudpermit success stories

Here’s how municipal building departments use Cloudpermit to go paperless, save money, deliver exceptional customer service and optimize departmental resources.

Cloudpermit is a big help for a small team in Township of Wainfleet

When the Town Hall moved to remote work, Chief Building Official Dave Methot decided that an online e-permitting system would give them the efficiency they needed to save precious time and serve the municipality better. Several other Ontario municipalities recommended the service and features of the cloud-based Cloudpermit platform.

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North Middlesex launches e-permitting fast thanks to great partnerships

North Middlesex got a new e-permitting system in record time with some help from the neighbouring municipality of Middlesex Centre. The municipality intended to upgrade to Cloudpermit in the coming months, but with the sudden arrival of the pandemic, Chief Administrative Officer Jonathon Graham knew he needed move fast to a paperless system.

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Ontario building departments rapidly adapt to remote work

This spring, numerous municipal building departments across the province have swiftly implemented e-permitting platforms to allow employees and the public to socially distance.

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Township of North Kawartha Building Department goes digital during COVID in record time

When the Township of North Kawartha, Ontario was faced with the COVID-19 lockdown, the municipal building department had to adapt quickly. “I am amazed by how easy the system is to use and how fast we were able to get up and running,” said Travis Toms, Chief Building Official. He added that it took only 4 weeks from his phone call during the pandemic to full implementation.

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The Municipality of West Grey building department adapts quickly to working remotely during COVID-19

Municipalities across the province have had to conduct business differently in the wake of the COVID-19. The Municipality of West Grey, a mostly rural municipality south of Owen Sound, implemented Cloudpermit in January, which has allowed them to seamlessly adapt to the “new normal” of working from home, without interrupting service delivery.

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Building permit after a devastating barn fire issued in record time thanks to Cloudpermit

The Municipality of Grey Highlands quickly rallied after a recent fire leveled a barn on a family farm. The farm, owned by a local Mennonite family, now has a new barn thanks to the partnership of their community and municipal staff, with the help of Cloudpermit, e-permitting software.

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Middlesex and Lucan Biddulph adopt new e-permitting software

The municipalities of Middlesex Centre and Lucan Biddulph were among the first adopters of e-permitting in Ontario. They chose the Evolve system because it is the world-leading cloud-based software designed specifically for municipal building departments.

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