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The OBOA and Cloudpermit’s new partnership aims to digitalize the building permit process

August 27, 2020

Thursday, August 27, 2020, Vaughan, Ontario

‍The OBOA recently signed a partnership agreement with Cloudpermit, a cloud-based e-permitting software that allows municipal building departments to digitalize the building permit processes.

“The OBOA has always been committed to supporting our members as they strive to improve building permit services for homeowners, builders and developers, while also streamlining the processes within their municipal departments,” says Grant Brouwer, President of the OBOA. “This collaboration with Cloudpermit enables us to provide our members with an avenue to e-permitting and contributes to the overarching mandate by the Provincial government to move towards electronic service delivery of provincial and municipal services.” 

“Cloudpermit looks forward to working with the OBOA to become a leading service provider for Ontario municipalities, while supporting a competitive marketplace for other software providers,” says Jarkko Turtiainen, VP North America for Cloudpermit. “We also want to thank Ontarians for being trailblazers in the building permit industry and continuing on our journey together to become the new industry standard for e-permitting across Canada.” 

About Cloudpermit: 

Cloudpermit is a cloud-based end-to-end e-permitting solution that allows municipal building departments and their customers to complete the entire building permit lifecycle in one digital workspace. The software was created with municipalities for municipalities to benefit all stakeholders in the building permit process.  

About the OBOA: 

Founded in 1956, the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA) supports the construction of safer, more sustainable and accessible buildings in Ontario.The OBOA delivers training and certification to Building officials, promotes uniform code application, works with industry partners, and policy makers with a goal to advance the Building Official profession.  

OBOA contact:

Priya Ramsingh, Senior Communications Lead,  


Cloudpermit contact:  

JarkkoTurtiainen, VP North America,