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Middlesex Centre Joining the Cloudpermit E-Permitting Service

July 5, 2019

Middlesex Centre has strategic priorities which support customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability and innovation. Joining Cloudpermit E-Permitting Service April 2019 is in line with these priorities.

The building division has received an increasing number of requests from homebuilders for the ability to apply for building permits electronically. Now Middlessex Centre can leverage a cost-effective and industry leading software application that will assist the building division’s goals of delivering cost-effective and accessible municipal services.

Originating from a link on Middlesex Centres website, the applicant creates a project and uploads the required application, forms and drawings using a user-friendly step by step process. The applicant can also authorize designers to upload drawings directly to their project. When the applicant believes the application is complete, they direct the system to advise the municipality of an application.

Benefits of Cloudpermit's cloud-based system include:

  • Zero printing costs for applications to submit (this includes building plans, truss/heating drawings, site plans, etc…)
  • Travel time and expense to/from the municipal office to drop off/pick up applications/permits is eliminated
  • Ability to track several permits at one time
  • Inspection scheduling/results electronically
  • Allows for quicker application process given that designers can submit plans/drawings directly to their project online.
  • Applicant’s ability to monitor the progress of an application
  • Inspections are requested and results of inspections are posted on the system.
  • Upon completion of the project, the files can be archived into Middlesex Centre’s laserfiche document retention system
  • Availability of plans on-line at all times
  • In line with Middlesex Centre’s strategic priorities which support customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability and innovation

Cloudpermit is a Finnish company digitalizing public services in North America.
Cloudpermit Oy in brief:

  • A company specializing in the digitalization of the building permit process
  • Over 200 municipal customers in Finland
  • Cloudpermit's service can as much as triple the efficiency of the building permit process
  • Cloudpermit has succeeded in supporting the positive impacts of digitalization by facilitating growth in an ecological manner and by making public services more equal, for example, thereby increasing equality between citizens. The service also strengthens democracy through openness and by promoting participation
  • Open information exchange and interaction enable the creation of higher quality decisions and speed up the actual permit process.