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Grey Highlands Council approved the purchase of Cloudpermit E-Permitting Platform

May 16, 2019

Grey Highlands approved the purchase of Cloudpermit E-Permitting Platform 1st May 2019.

In brief benefits of Cloudpermit's cloud-based system include:

  • Zero printing costs for applications to submit
  • Travel time and expense to/from the municipal office to drop off/pick up applications/permits is eliminated
  • Ability to track several permits at one time
  • Inspection scheduling/results electronically
  • Allows for quicker application process given that designers can submit plans/drawings directly to their project online.
  • Applicant’s ability to monitor the progress of an application
  • Inspections are requested and results of inspections are posted on the system.
  • Availability of plans on-line at all times

Cloudpermit is a Finnish company digitalizing public services in North America.

Cloudpermit Oy in brief:

  • A company specializing in the digitalization of the building permit process
  • Over 200 municipal customers in Finland
  • Cloudpermit’s service can as much as triple the efficiency of the building permit process
  • Open information exchange and interaction enable the creation of higher quality decisions and speed up the actual permit process.