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Cloudpermit Staff Focus on Internal Development to Provide Better Customer Service

August 3, 2022

Cloudpermit provides more than its software to its customers. As one of North America’s leading SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies for community development, Cloudpermit also provides its customers with excellent training experiences.

All Cloudpermit customers are matched with a Customer Success Manager during the training process. They participate in structured meetings to learn and explore Cloudpermit, determine goals and any needed configuration, and gain access to support resources such as videos and how-to articles.

“We want our customers to deliver fantastic service to their communities with Cloudpermit, and that starts with us,” shared Jarkko Turtiainen, Cloudpermit’s Senior Vice President. “Our staff spends time learning how each solution works and uses that experience to ensure our customers understand how to use Cloudpermit well. We are now investing in internal development so we can provide even better service to our customers by understanding them on a deeper level.”

Currently, Cloudpermit staff are well-versed in how each solution works and what needs to be configured for each customer. Its sales, professional services, and marketing teams have experience communicating valuable information to its customers and take the time to walk through any questions.

Now, Cloudpermit staff will benefit from more training on how local governments work. The company has hired an Product Trainer, Leslie Wright, as part of its staff to ensure all customers are getting the most out of its software. Wright has an extensive local government background, having recently worked as Digital Transformation Specialist for the City of Windsor’s Building Department.

“I’m excited to train Cloudpermit staff on how local governments operate and what they need,” Wright explained. “The better our staff understand those who are using our software, the better we can serve them.”

Cloudpermit looks forward to improving its excellent customer service by focusing inward during the months to come.