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Cloudpermit is now partnered with BOABC

August 26, 2020

Building Officials Association of British Columbia, or BOABC, has decided to partner with Cloudpermit. BOABC represents the building officials in British Columbia that accept, review and issue building permits.

The partnership between Cloudpermit and BOABC aims to aid the digitalization of the building permitting process and increase knowledge of current industry trends in the area. It will include various ways of spreading information, educating and sharing knowledge. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for virtual and remote education which has given Cloudpermit an opportunity to help BOABC shift from mostly face-to-face to digital work.

Both parties are delighted to be able to develop the industry in British Columbia. According to Cloudpermit’s VP in North America, Jarkko Turtiainen, this partnership changes how partnerships between businesses and official parties are perceived in the industry. “Partnerships should no longer be restricted to a logo in a corner of a magazine, or to a stand at an industry fair,” explains Turtiainen. “We aim for a long-term commitment that truly benefits both parties.”

“We have only been in North America for about two years, so this is a great way for us to be seen as a trustworthy, credible partner and build brand awareness,” adds Turtiainen. “It also gives us a chance to reach out to new municipalities directly.”

For BOABC, the partnership provides an opportunity to reorganize how officials work. In many of the smaller municipalities, work is still done manually so shifting from paper to digital processes could be beneficial.

BOABC understands the importance of Cloudpermit being a global software company with products and services that enable an efficient virtual workspace for building permits by speeding up permit submissions, flow of information, and saving valuable building community resources.

“The building officials’ work impacts the consumers and citizens. We chose Cloudpermit as our digital partner to develop initiative focusing towards the digitization of BOABC’s core functions and to establish more business opportunities,” describes Chief Administrative Officer Manjit S. Sohi.

Turtiainen believes that the partnership is a sign of a bigger shift, “The officials need commercial operators to be able to move forward. Even associations should commit to businesses and reap the benefits that come from a long-term partnership.”