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Why Cloudpermit Stands Out: All Community Development Software Are Not Made the Same

December 29, 2021

Many local governments have switched to community development software instead of paper-based or on-premises systems, and unfortunately, they weren’t satisfied with the software they chose.  

Some solutions cost a fortune and require regular installations for the latest updates, or take years to implement, and most solutions are not user-friendly.  

We’ve talked with countless local governments that have been burned by a tedious software that ended up making processes more difficult instead of making them easier, and some local governments too hesitant to make the switch because of the nightmares they heard from neighboring communities.  

It was partly because of the nightmares we heard from local governments who tried to leave paper behind that Cloudpermit was created.  

We were tired of options for local governments only being affordable for the biggest cities and being inaccessible for the average applicant with little software experience.  

So, we decided to fix the problem ourselves and made Cloudpermit ten years ago.  

Some community development software are a nightmare, but Cloudpermit is a dream.


Cloudpermit is typically implemented within weeks, not months or years. It’s easy, fast, and simple. It’s cloud-based software that’s out-of-the-box so it’s ready to go almost as soon as you are.  


Not only can you start using Cloudpermit within weeks, but you also get Cloudpermit’s support every step of the way. We set each local government department up with its own Customer Success Manager to make sure everyone knows how to use the software, staff gets access to a unique training environment even after implementation, and there are a variety of accessible resources and options for additional support.  


Unlike most community development software, Cloudpermit is a cost-effective option for any-sized government. Plus, local governments save money on printing and travel costs, and save countless hours on faster permit issuance, online communication, on-site mobile inspections, and streamlined permitting processes.  


Cloudpermit has a user-friendly interface for staff, builders, applicants, homeowners, designers, and everyone in-between. It’s simple to invite third-party agencies to collaborate and all levels of tech comfort can use the software with ease.  


Cloudpermit brings all involved parties together so everyone can work together in a way not often supported by other community development software. We have a messaging tool where staff and all other users can send direct and group messages for faster communication, improved transparency with time-stamped messages, and up-to-date information.  


Our cloud-based software is not an added strain for IT departments as it’s accessible via a web browser. It automatically updates and has no installations so every time you log in, you are accessing the latest and greatest version of the software.  


Since Cloudpermit keeps everything online in the same place, it’s extremely easy to use which speeds up permit issuance. Departments can issue permits 80% faster with Cloudpermit than paper-based systems.  

We’d love to talk with you soon to further explain how we are different from the other community development software out there.