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What Can E-Permitting Do That Fillable PDFs Can’t? A Lot.

May 26, 2021

Over the past few years, especially during this past year during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many local governments have found ways to bring some processes “online”.

One of the most popular ways governments have found to become more modern is...fillable PDFs. So, citizens can go to their local government website, click on the fillable PDF for whatever permit application they want to fill out, and submit a permit application from their computer.  

Yes, fillable PDFs are better than paper-based processes because applicants do not need to print off anything or travel to the government office to drop off their application, but it is not truly online. So, what is? E-permitting, also known as online permitting.  

You might be asking yourself, what is the big deal about online permitting because fillable PDFs already reduce some paper and keep applicants from traveling to the office? Why bother going fully online?

Let’s Go Over What Online Permitting Can Do That Fillable PDFs Can’t.  

First, What is Online Permitting?  

E-permitting, or online permitting, means all building processes can be performed online with software that can be accessed by staff, builders, contractors, designers, etc., and applicants – not just filling out and submitting a permit application.   

Online permitting is an excellent way to set your building department up for continued success, take your permit issuance speed to the next level, and optimize applicant experience for your community. 

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