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Strategic Plans for Modernized Governments

February 22, 2023

Many states are focusing on modernizing and simplifying the building permit process.

The State of New Jersey has released a strategic plan for 2023-2025 for modernized governments. Part of the plan from New Jersey’s Office of Information Technology, IT Business & Technology Strategic Plan, includes encouraging the use of technology with cloud-based SaaS solutions.

The technology shifts have goals of: “digitize resident experience, boost data and analytics capabilities, rationalize and modernize systems to reduce technical debt, enhance infrastructure, stability, resiliency, security, and enable technology collaboration & data sharing across agencies.” These goals encourage end-to-end accessible systems, fewer data platforms for better data sharing, increased automation, and better standardization.

New Jerseys IT business and technology strategic plan

Image from p.4 of New Jersey’s IT Business and Technology Strategic Plan for 2023-2025.

This strategic plan aligns with New Jersey’s state rules that all governments must have implemented an online building permitting process by the end of 2022 with Bill 1145.

Florida also joins New Jersey as a state that encourages its governments to modernize with online software. In 2021, the State of Florida enacted two bills – House Bill 667 and House Bill 1059. House Bill 667 requires municipal governments to provide citizens with online inspection scheduling and House Bill 1059 requires governments to speed up the building permitting process.

More states across the U.S. will continue to encourage or mandate its governments to move building permitting online. There are many benefits to cloud-based community development software as you can:

  • Provide citizens with self-service so they can submit building permit applications and schedule building inspections from home
  • Expedite how long it takes to issue building permits to citizens with more efficient processes (it’s 80% faster to issue building permits online than it is to use paper-based systems)
  • Keep all information in one space including conversations, documents, and property information
  • Access data in a user-friendly software that can be used on any mobile device
  • Conduct on-site mobile inspections without needing to reinput the same information back at the office

Curious how your state might encourage your local government to modernize?

We'd love to give you a demo of our leading government permitting software that can modernize your building permits for efficient processes that benefit your citizens, builders, and staff.