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Solving the Incomplete Application Submission Problem

February 16, 2022

Move Development Processes Online

Ask any building department how many of their building permit applications hit the front desk incomplete, and you’ll most likely hear, “All of them!”

Incomplete building permit applications are often the biggest source of inefficiency and customer service friction for a building department. They are a nuisance for both department staff who need to review every permit and for applicants just trying to get a permit for their project as most permit applications are not complete when they’re first submitted.

Building departments can spend upwards of 45 minutes working with an applicant before accepting a single application. That’s over 9 days of work for every 100 building permits!

Why does this happen? Well, building permits are complex, and building departments generally lack the tools to communicate requirements on a consistent basis. Further, traditional paper-based application processes have no safeguards to ensure that an applicant meets those requirements before they can submit their application. To use an analogy, it would be like ordering a taxi without providing a pickup address or destination.

So, how can local governments receive complete applications every time, not just occasionally? Move the building permit process online with community development software.

It saves headaches for both sides – let's talk about how Cloudpermit (leading community development software for simple and online development processes) makes application submissions easy, fast, and simple for applicants:

  1. Applicants receive specific requirements based on the type of building permit they are applying for (forms, drawings, fees, etc.)
  2. Forms have mandatory data fields that must be filled out before an application can be submitted
  3. Applicants must submit specific drawings and/or attachments based on the type of permit they are applying for
  4. Applications are automatically saved while applicants are working on them
  5. Applicants can revisit their application as many times as they need
  6. Applicants can communicate with the local building department through the built-in messaging tool

Complete Application Submissions Only

Applications can only be submitted on Cloudpermit when they are complete so local governments only receive complete permit applications.

Online Application Submissions

Applicants can submit applications online which means no travel or no printing costs, and no filing or printing costs for local governments.

Show Exact Requirements for Every Building Permit

Part of what makes incomplete permit applications frustrating is missing entire parts of the building permit, but that isn’t the case with Cloudpermit. Applicants can view exactly what is needed from them in one digital workspace.

Manage All Required Information, Drawings, Insurance Documents, Etc., in One Workspace

Both department staff and applicants (as well as everyone else involved in every permit) can manage all required components in one digital workspace without needing to keep track of loose papers.

Automatically Save Applications in Progress

Applicants do not need to worry about losing Internet connectivity or their computer crashing since Cloudpermit automatically saves their applications – information won’t get lost.

Limitless Application Revisits

If an applicant needs more time to fill out their building permit application, it’s no problem with Cloudpermit since they can revisit their application as many times as they need.

To only receive complete building permit applications from now on, book a demo with us. We can’t wait to make your job easier by only receiving complete applications (among many other benefits).