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Small Towns, Big Impact: Community Development Software Drives Change

March 15, 2023

There is a common misconception that community development software is still only beneficial for big cities with big budgets. However, this is not the case anymore since local governments and agencies of all sizes are now able to take advantage of cost-effective software.

Complete Applications are a Game-Changer

No matter how many applications a local government or agency receives on an annual basis, every department wants to receive complete applications, but very few do. Community development software can give departments the power to force applicants to fill in all mandatory input fields. This means that staff only receive applications that are finished, rather than countless ones with missing parts, saving significant time spent tracking down information from applicants.

Efficiency Benefits Departments of All Sizes

The importance of efficiency cannot be overstated. Software can help staff eliminate duplicate work and save significant operational time. For example, building departments can issue building permits 80% faster with an online system compared to a paper-based system. Efficiency can be even more important for small towns that are relying on fewer staff to accomplish goals. Online processes make teams that are small but mighty shine.

Enhance Transparency for Your Citizens

Citizens gain better insight into their applications, inspections, and complaints when their information exists online. This can help foster trust between municipalities and its residents and strengthen relationships.

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Talk with Your Residents and Builders in One Place

Communication improves when it all takes place online. Staff does not need to keep track of multiple emails, phone calls, messages, and front counter visits. Instead, they can speak with their residents within their online community development software. This speeds up timelines, improves accountability, and helps ensure effective collaboration.

Hire Part-Time and Remote Workers as Needed

Online permitting and licensing software allows departments to hire part-time and remote workers as needed. Plenty of governments have part-time staff that work from home for their role and visit sites as needed. This creates flexibility regarding who can be hired, which can be especially helpful in the event of a natural disaster when additional helpers can use the same software to lend a hand.

Accessible Service for Citizens at an Affordable Cost

Building, planning & zoning, and code enforcement departments can give its citizens self-serve service. Citizens can access their applications and complaints online without ever needing to visit the government office.

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Boost Economic Development

Online community development software is attractive for new residents, builders, and businesses because it saves time and ensures remote work. The right software can increase revenue, speed up timelines, and contribute to community growth.

All Communities Deserve Excellent Processes

Communities of all sizes deserve excellent processes. No community is too small to enjoy an online and end-to-end development approval process. Every department can benefit from simple and intuitive software that gives their community a chance to grow and increase its revenue.

We’d love to talk with you about how your small town can benefit from online community development software like ours. Let’s set up a call to talk more.